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"In order to understand the dance one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance. -Rumi "
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Randa Aburayyan

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher

After 30 years of working as a Design Architect, I chose to “retire” from the day to day work and became a Holistic Guidance Councilor and a 5Rhythms Sweat Spaceholder, introducing this practice to my community in early 2016.  Following my passion for movement & dance, I continued on this path to become a certified 5Rhythms Teacher. And now, between Amman and Jeddah, I hold weekly classes, to inspire myself and others to explore and move to our own rhythms, trusting the ground beneath our feet. 

As an Architect, Wife, Mom, Holistic Councilor and 5Rhythms Teacher, I found that these aspects were only parts of “myself”. My “whole-self” however I found inside me…while on the dance floor…on my feet! The 5Rhythms® practice helped me to reconnect with my physical, emotional, and intuitive feeling body.  My task in life, for whatever time remains, is to help others reconnect to their intuitive body, as a sure step towards the path of self-healing. 

Maps: Waves
Location: Amman, Jordan
Dancing since: 2014
Languages: English, Arabic

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Jeddah, ~, Saudi Arabia


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