5Rhythms Workshop

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Body Codes

4 Dec 2015 - 6 Dec 2015
Location: TaoSatva
El Prado, New Mexico, United States
Organizer: Brandy Wade

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Do you navigate your world on autopilot - disconnected, and distant from your own body and heart? The Body - your body is a vast depository of great and not so great wisdom - our own history, our family, cultural and societal codes that are embodied at the cellular level. The problem is - some of these codes are quite unhealthy and unnecessary. This coding is the foundation by which you navigate your life - mostly quite unconsciously - and sometimes it gets you into hot water quickly. To live in today’s world with an open heart and expanded consciousness requires decoding what doesn’t actually work, and reprogramming with a different set of codes. The 5Rhythms cosmology offers a profound way to dismantle the unconscious coding, and to become the embodiment of the codings of light and expansion. Ready to go?



A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites required.

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