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Moon Lodge, Honoring the Sacred Feminine

Led by: Lucia Horan
14 May 2017 - 19 May 2017
Location: Lumeria Maui, 1813 Baldwin Ave, Makawao, HI 96768
Makawao, Hawaii, United States Show map

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 A Woman’s Only Retreat

With Lucia Horan & Dr Julie Von

Join us as we journey into the Moon Lodge, an exploration of tribal and ritual healing for women. How empowered do you feel as a woman navigating this world? What is your relationship to the feminine and her wisdom?

In a time of patriarchy many do not feel the freedom to be fully empowered. The 5Rhythms is a direct path to embodiment and empowerment. By showing up in a practice of presence one can begin to clear the past and live fully in the present.

This workshop will be about celebrating the body of Woman and the sacred feminine within. Through dance, meditation, massage, acupuncture and ritual baths, we will share in the Sisterhood of humanity. We will poultice the wounds and celebrate the great gift of our ancestors.

The 5Rhythms is a moving meditation practice, a map of how energy moves. It shows us the patterns, rhythms and cycles of life, FlowingStaccatoChaosLyrical and Stillness®.

Dr Julie Von is a specialist in womans health. She will be presenting her unique perspective from Chinese Medicine on the five elements, psycho-somatic process, resorative acupuncture, self care. She will share how to prioritize these pillars so that you can see when you are in or out of balance. All practices taught here you will be able to bring home and implement into your daily life.

Lucia will also integrate the stillness of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with the moving meditations of the 5Rhythms®. The Buddha encouraged us to bring wise attention to every aspect of our lives.

In sitting meditation, we have the opportunity to observe the mind and body at rest through silent introspection. In the practice of the 5Rhythms, we engage in mindfulness while in motion. The 5Rhythms is a map that teaches us how energy moves. The two polarities of moving and sitting meditation together mirror the dance of life and open the door to peace, well being and balance.

No experience is required. All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teachers training prerequisites.


 Retreat Pricing Structure: 

6 Day Price: $800.00 – locals only (must show Hawaiian license)
INCLUDES: Lunch & Dinner per day, and access to the workshop

6 Day Single OCC:
Total single OCC price: $2500.00 – Early Bird Pricing March 21; After March – 21 $2650
INCLUDES: Single Occupancy room, 3 meals per day, and access to workshop

Double OCC:
Total double OCC price: $3500 or $1750.00 per person – Early Bird Pricing before March 21; After March 21 – $3800 or $1900 per person
INCLUDES: Double Occupancy room, 3 meals per day, and access to workshop

Refund Policy

 Non Refundable Deposit

No refunds 60 days prior to retreat

Registration Policy

Pre-Registration Required


A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites required.

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