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Expansive Heart: a 5 day Heartbeat Intensive

11 Mar 2015 - 15 Mar 2015
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Karyn Tonkinson-Gartner
Karyn@mandala-cfta.org, 815-788-8553



What is the Expansive Heart but a strong and pliable muscle that can pulse with life to its fullest. Does yours have the courage to forgive? Do you have a forgiving nature vulnerable enough to surrender? Can you surrender to being generous? Can you generously embody service in all its forms? Can we open to a heart-centered dance that we practice by being alive, in the moment, with love for the ups and downs, prayers and curses of being a human being? Join us for 5 days of moving with five wise teachers of love - our fear, our anger, our sorrow, our joy, our compassion, inside and out, with love.

This Heartbeat Intensive fulfills the 5 day Heartbeat prerequisite for the teachers training.


Price: $395 (early-bird) if paid by Feb. 8. $450 after Feb. 8.

Hours: Wednesday: 3-9PM, Thursday & Friday: 2-8PM, Saturday: 1-7PM, Sunday: 1-6PM

This Heartbeat intensive fulfills the 5 Day Heartbeat prerequisite for applying for the 5Rhythms teacher training.



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