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Carmela Gabriele

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I am a passionate 5Rhythms dancer since 2012, a jounery that allowed me to discover the beauty of movement as the language of the soul. Over the years my quest has consistently been guided by one focus: "coming home". I realized that 5Rhythms has been my rediscovered path to a sense of belonging and wholeness.

My focus is on the body as a vehicle for authentic expression, love as the driving force of my practice, and emotions as a guide for deep exploration of my being. Through this ever-evolving dance, I have learned to connect with myself in ways I could have never imagined.

5Rhythms dance has become my refuge, my place of healing, and discovery. I am grateful for every step, every movement, every emotion I have experienced in this wonderful journey. I feel privileged to share this passion with anyone wishing to explore their journey home through the power of dance and love.

Location: , Puglia, Italy
Dancing since: 2012
Languages: Italian, English, German, Japanese

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Andria, Puglia, Italy
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