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Chris Camp

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher
Since childhood music and dancing where my passion. As my feet wandered onto a 5 rhythms dance floor in 2004 I finally felt I had found something that I was looking for. Where on earth could I find a place where I could completely lose myself and at the same time find myself but on the dance floor... Since then I have been blown open, shattered into a million pieces, got reborn, reinvented myself a thousand times. I've cried my heart out, I screamed from the depths of my body, I've feared even just taking another breath, I've felt joy running through my veins like sweet melted honey, I've felt at peace with all that is around me and much much more. There is simply no end to the richness we can experience when we open ourselves up to what already is happening inside and outside. Learning to shape-shift through every possibility available to us as humans, expanding our capacity for being us. Wild and raw I'm honored to be able to guide you even deeper into your own dance. I look forward to meeting you on or off the dance floor so we can walk this path of embodied living together.
Location: Leuven, Belgium
Dancing since: 1999 Teaching since: 2014
Languages: English, Dutch, French, German

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4 May 2024
Edegem, Belgium
11 May 2024
Gent, Belgium
22 May 2024
Hasselt, Belgium


19 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024
Hasselt, Belgium
21 Jun 2024 - 22 Jun 2024
Muenster, Germany
27 Jun 2024 - 30 Jun 2024
Vienna, Austria
27 Sep 2024 - 29 Sep 2024
Linz, Austria
15 Nov 2024 - 17 Nov 2024
Innsbruck, Austria
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