Heartbeat Circle Accredited Teachers

“When we move our bodies then our hearts begin to open. When the body and the heart taste freedom the mind won't be far behind.”


Jean Rankin United Kingdom
Natalie Poole Australia
Kierra Foster-Ba United States
Francis Michael Eliot United Kingdom
Mirjam Van Hasselt Netherlands
Rimke Pepers Netherlands
Susanna Dobos Switzerland
Lucia Horan United States
Andrew Holmes United Kingdom
Tammy Burstein United States
Willemijn de Dreu Netherlands
Atmo Lars Lindvall Switzerland
Arjan Bouw Netherlands
Jan Redsted Denmark
Chris Boylan United Kingdom
Kelly Satz Argentina
Meredith Davies Australia
Jo Bainbridge Cobbett United States
Mark Bonder United States
Katarzyna Kat Pugowska United Kingdom
Vehllia Tranne United States
Daniela Plattner United States
Heeraa Sazevich United States
Emma Leech United Kingdom
Anne Geerts Belgium
Andreas Troendle Switzerland
Karen Ritscher United States
Gabrielle Roth United States
Pauline van Hezik Netherlands
Neil Pinnock United Kingdom
Alessandro Moruzzi United States
Sylvie Minot United States
Martina Motl Slovenia
Jup Jansonius Netherlands
Ron Hagendoorn Netherlands
Adi Argov Israel
Beatrice Fischer Switzerland
Chloe de Sousa United Kingdom
Peter Fodera United States
Ann Kite United States
Sietske Venema Netherlands
Martha Peabody United States
Chris Camp Belgium
Hannah Loewenthal South Africa
Dagmar Cee Germany
Rene Schaap Germany
Laura Martin-Eagle United States
Masayo Benoist United States
Davida Taurek United States
Alex Mackay United Kingdom
Jonathan Horan United States
Ruth Hirst United Kingdom
Christine Tasseff United States
Jason Rowe United Kingdom
Tom Schulz Germany
Bernadette Ryder United Kingdom
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