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"I teach as I would like to be taught: with sensitivity, integrity, and a deep passion for the transformative power of the practice. "
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Francis Michael Eliot

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher
Thank you 5Rhythms: what a blessed way to manifest my committment to the present moment. What other meditation practice offers me the deep satisfaction that comes from answering YES to my soul's longing to open to all the profound growth that comes from exploring my dynamic relationship to myself, the other and the whole? And what a blessing to do so without any invitation for the ego to be driving the show. My satisfaction to truly seek is fulfilled the moment I step on the dance floor. And I don't have to define my seek anymore. The dance takes care of that. I no longer have to define myself anymore. The Dance takes care of that too. My fears, rage, sorrows and of course joys all have a place where they are welcomed. What childhood offers that? Where else can I get to exercise my ever-growing authority, to truly own my responses to what comes to me in each dynamic moment? I get to trust my intuition, to say yes to however my body and heart are in each moment. And what joy to have the opportunity to share the countless teachings that come to me on the dance floor with my beloved students. The Dance will always be my oasis, my gateway to be truly alive to every moment of this sacred life. My gratitude is limitless and constant.
Maps: Waves, Heartbeat
Location: Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom
Dancing since: 1999 Teaching since: 2004
Languages: English

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6 Apr 2023 - 10 Apr 2023
Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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