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"Dancing brings me here and now. It helps me re-connect my body-mind-spirit , relate to others clearer and from love, and deeply trust in the divine."
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Irene Hernandez Sanchez

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher
I´m a Waves Teacher since 2014 and a Heartbeat Teacher since 2018. I´m also a Systemic Family Therapist and Grief Process facilitator. I studied Sociology and have a Master´s in Human Resources. 

My home tribe is Murcia (SouthEast of Spain), where for the last years I´ve found my ground as a 5R teacher and producer in plenty of classes, workshops, retreats and 1 to 1 sessions. I also teach in other cities of Spain and other countries. I love the juicy mix of having a deep root (solid base community) and the adventurous expansion that brings being a traveling teacher. I also mentor Space Holders and TIT´s sharing my experience teaching the 5R and supporting them in the difficult and demanding task of creating community. 

About my teaching style: I provide safe spaces to dive deep, starting in the confort zone to expand into the difficult unstable bridges of long term change. I bring a down to earth-solid and clear, and at the same time light and loving way of meeting the rhythms. And a lot of passion and fascination. One of my gifts is creating community and commitment. 

My current deep re-searched maps as a teacher: 





- "INTO"





- "LOVE"

Electives cooking on low heat:

- "EMBODYING SYSTEMICS" 5R + Systemic Approach

- "LOSS" 5R + Grief Process work

More about me here: http://irene5ritmos.com/irene

Maps: Waves, Heartbeat, Elective
Location: Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain
Dancing since: 2009 Teaching since: 2014
Languages: Spanish, English, French

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23 Feb 2024
Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain
Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain
Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain
Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain


8 Mar 2024 - 10 Mar 2024
Vizcaya, Pais Vasco, Spain
21 Apr 2024
Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain
3 May 2024 - 5 May 2024
Sacramento, California, United States
11 May 2024
Santa Cruz, California, United States
17 May 2024 - 20 May 2024
La Rochelle, France
16 Jun 2024
Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain
21 Jun 2024 - 23 Jun 2024
Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain
24 Jul 2024 - 28 Jul 2024
Almeria, Andalucia, Spain
28 Jul 2024 - 2 Aug 2024
Girona, Catalunya, Spain
18 Sep 2024 - 22 Sep 2024
Almeria, Andalucia, Spain
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