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"“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?” Bob Marley"
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Josef Tusa

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

When I come across the 5Rhythms (2012) it was love at firstsight.

As it is mostly my mind which is doing all the work – afterbeing a social worker I did some project management and started freelancing asa coach and lecturer - 5Rhythms is guiding my steps and helping me find abalance between my thoughts, feelings, and body every time I step into it.

As I also ride on night vibes of active and lucid dreaming I found in 5Rhythms my anchor to fleshed reality.

Finding my ground and inner core as I move my body, observing my breath, letting go of my thoughts and freeing my mind. Being onewith the wave, being danced by the rhythms.

Exploring what is inside and spreading it into my work andeveryday life. All that love, joy and peace penetrating the very last cell ofmy body after each and every finished wave. This is 5Rhythms for me – apractical way to move through and with life.

As a Spaceholder (2016) I feel honored I can create suchcreative and nourishing space for others: the place where we can be seen in ourvulnerability, and also find our strength. The space where we can explore andfind treasures within us. And at the same time be a part of the bigger picture,supported by the group and finding the same in others.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Dancing since: 2012
Languages: Czech, English

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Prague, Czech Republic
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