At first, it was painful letting go of all my attachments which I thought have a lot of importance in my mind. My big ego doesn’t like to discover who …

Notes on Practice: Expand Lyrical

I have a confession to make. This is hard for me, but here it is. I have been cheating on Chaos. It all started during the summer, when I spent …

5Rhythms in The Workplace: Exploring Movement as a Corporate Training Approach

by Anne Marie Hogya “

New Album: Raven the RMX by Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors + Sub Swara

Gabrielle and I waited and searched for years to find the right artists to re-mix our music. And, finally, last year Lucia introduced me to Dhruva and Dave of Sub …

5Rhythms Tribe: Community that Inspires

  Community Art. A collaborative project gathering inspiration from our worldwide 5Rhythms tribe.   You can follow our art museum and archive on Instagram here!        Community Musings. …

Notes on Practice: The Body of Joy

When practicing alone, I tend gloss over Lyrical, technically attending to it, but rarely taking it on fully. Which is why I am delighted, in this languorous late summer air, …

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