Notes on Practice: Love Letter to Flowing

At that moment, Tammy’s entire orientation changed. She got lower, literally, and some kind of fussiness, some kind of complexity in her gestures disappeared. It was a deeper bass, an ear to the ground to hear the rumble of approaching animals, a full acknowledgment of weight and its activation in momentum. The shift was both visible and palpable; and I felt blessed to be available to receive the lesson.

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires | January 2017 contributions:
THE RHYTHMS OF BIRTH by Brenda Cohen Sabban, Argentina | CHAOS & CONNECTION by Julie DoBias, Virginia, USA | HEART, LEADERSHIP and VISION: APPLYING 5Rhythms in BUSINESS by Cass Donnelly, Australia | A POSTCARD FROM THE ECHOES OF OUR DANCE TOGETHER by Stuart Phillips, United Kingdom

5Rhythms Tribe | Chaos and Connection

by Julie DoBias, Richmond, Virginia USA Art by Liz Collier During the break at a recent workshop, as I lay face down on the floor after what was probably an …

As I leaned over the toilet vomiting with morning sickness – between lessons teaching art to school kids – I promised myself it was time to quit my day job, …

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