Notes on Practice: Open Sky, Going Anywhere &Partnership

For the second week in a row, I unexpectedly attended the Sunday Sweat Your Prayers class. For the second week in a row, the class was guest taught by an accomplished teacher from another country, in this case Hannah Loewenthal from South Africa. And for the second week in a row, I explored new and delightful aspects of partnership.

I took a long time to gather myself on entering; and I went silently through a ritual of bowing into the space. I felt emotional and took tiny steps, moving like water through the many floor-moving bodies that were distributed equally around the studio. I found a spot near the middle of the room and began to move in energetic circles, rolling over the back of my head again and again and letting the gestures cast me in arcs, pausing to tense in key stretches as I was quickly called to action.

Hannah, perhaps noting the quickening of the room,

Notes on Practice: On Special Intentions, The Cessation of Pain & Partnership

My grandmother used to say that you get a “special intention” every time you enter a new church for the first time, as my mother reminded me recently. A special intention is pretty much guaranteed to travel straight to God’s ear, and has a strong chance of a good outcome—kind of like a direct prayer line. That is exactly how I felt

Notes on Practice: Float Like a Butterfly; Sting Like a Bee

On Friday, I spent much of the afternoon listening to the funeral service for Muhammed Ali that took place his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky on June 10.  One reporter said …

5Rhythms with Jonathan Horan | Europe This Summer

  “A life without love is like a year without summer.” — Swedish Proverb       Dear Friends and Dancing Maniacs,   Fresh out of a sweat lodge at Esalen …


By Guillaume Laplane & students in Bali – Morocco – Corsica – Ibiza – Finland – Iceland – Japan. Some year ago I dreamed of developing dance workshops in stunning …

Notes on Practice: I See You There

“When we dance together, even when we dance near each other, I feel so good. It is like you bring out the spirit in me, somehow. You are like a little shaman.” This compliment, delivered by a friend after a recent Friday Night Waves class, was perhaps the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. It made me very happy to hear not just “I love this thing about you”, but “I love the way you make me feel about me.”

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