5Rhythms Tribe | Daughters

April 6, 2017

By The Body Draws Circles is an ongoing artistic collaboration between Hannah Loewenthal (South Africa ) and Hege Gabrielsen (Norway). We seek to use the movement map of the 5Rhythms® to create work that is experimental, interdisciplinary and performative.

“Daughters” is part of a short film investigation into 5Rhythms as performance by Hannah & Hege. Both are 5Rhythms teachers who have a passion for sharing this work with a wider public. This short film was made following an inspired Cycles workshop with Jonathan Horan in Denmark in the summer of 2016…

I came home from Denmark and began some deep dialogues with my mother on ‘daughterhood’. I realised that not all women are mothers or sisters but all women ARE daughters. What does it mean to be a daughter? What does it mean to have a daughter? What does it mean to be a daughter of the big mother, this Earth? Hege found herself having similar conversations with her own daughter & mother.
We brought these conversations together in a studio in South Africa and explored them through the Rhythms. I recorded pieces of my own dialogue with my mother and used these as our soundscape. The result is this small film which we hope touches you in some way!

We are forever grateful to Gabrielle and this map which has infinite possibilities for artistic inquiry.

Love Hannah & Hege

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