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July 8, 2016

Join 5RHYTHMS at Shamanism Global Summit


July 19 – 21, 2016



Dear Friends,


Join us this week as we tune into the Shamanism Global Summit, a free online event exploring the sacred relationship we have with all of life — connecting ourselves, our world, and our greatest gifts.


5Rhythms teacher Michael Stone is hosting the 3 day event, with a special interview with 5Rhythms teacher Kate Shela on July 19th at 10am PT/ 1pm ET / 7pm CEST!





Michael is  a 5Rhythms teacher and Shamanic Practitioner who combines both movement and shamanic journeying offering what he calls Embodied Shamanism. He is a member of the faculty of The Shift Network and hosts their yearly Shamanism Global Summit. This year he will be interviewing some of the world’s most renowned shamans and shamanic practitioners, including Sandra Ingerman, Lynn Andrews, John Perkins, HeatherAsh Amara, Jose and Lena Stevens, Hank Wesselman, Kate Shela and many more. Michael is also the host of KVMR’s award winning radio program, Conversations. www.WellofLight.com


Kate shares from her own personal experience the crossover between the 5Rhythms and traditional shamanism. In the Shamanism Global Summit 2016 she shares the stage with some of the greatest shamanic practitioners in the world. Kate is a brilliant teacher and spokesperson for gathering our essence from the dance and demonstrating how putting the body in motion can bring forth an alchemical transformation and healing of mind, body, emotions and spirit. In her upcoming session she bridges the world of movement with shamanism to bring forth a unique healing cosmology for those who have a hunger for personal growth and global transformation.



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