Dancing with Dharma

April 21, 2016

As rule breakers, we dancers are asking the world to stretch the view of Dharma and see its unlimited power. Move the body and the heart-mind will follow. Find how stillness informs your dance and how dance informs your stillness.

Buddha instructed that meditation should be practiced standing, sitting and laying down. So why have we been imprisoned to the cushion and the walk, when we can be experiencing so much more?

The time has come for us Dancing Buddhist’s, as we step out as equals in the field of mindfulness. We are no longer in the shadows. We are dancing off the edge, secret Buddhists, unchained…

Lucia Horan has contributed a chapter to a revolutionary new book edited by Harrison Blum Mdiv,M.Ed. on the relationship between 5Rhythms and the Buddha-Dharma. In this essay I share with the reader my view on how the path of the Satipatthana (purification) parallels with the 5Rhythms and cultivates healing.

Harrison Blum writes,
“Both Buddhism and dance invite the practitioner into present-moment embodiment. The rise of Western Buddhism, sacred dance and dance/movement therapy, along with the mindfulness meditation boom, has created opportunities for Buddhism to inform dance aesthetics and for Buddhist practice to be shaped by dance.

This collection of new essays documents the innovative work being done at the intersection of Buddhism and dance. The contributors–scholars, choreographers and Buddhist masters–discuss movement, performance, ritual and theory, among other topics. The final section provides a variety of guided practices”.

Authors include: Bhikkuni Thanasanti, Lori Wong, Reginald A. Ray, Prema Dasara, Hilary Lake, Anahata Iradah, Lucia Horan, Brian Kimmel, Rose Taylor Goldfield Charles Genoud, Adrianne E. Vincent, Joan Witig, Christina Livingstone and more.

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