Teacher to Teacher 5RTA mentors

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Please reach out directly to teachers for Mentorship sessions.

Evangelos Diavolitsis Evangelos Diavolitsis is a certified 5Rhythms® Waves and Heartbeat facilitator, Dharma teacher and transformational coach. He has a passion for integrating the path of awakening with movement, meditation, art and business. He has been continuously studying with meditation masters Qapel and Sensei of the Namgyal Lineage since 2002. Evangelos regularly mentors people on the art of integrating a spiritual path with a financially balanced material life through somatic expression and radical self-inquiry. His conscious leadership skills have led him to work with notable companies and innovators such as Google, Engineers without Borders, Findhorn Foundation, Fairtrade Canada and the Sameness Project. fourwaystofreedom.com My areas of expertise:
~Building a tribe from absolutely nothing
~Building a successful and sustainable business
~Money mentoring and Money Coaching
~Working with producers for longer workshops
~Creating themes that no one else is doing and how t
Emma Leech My speciality is reach out work with teenagers, offenders/prison work, addiction recovery, general 5Rhythms classes and Heartbeat map.
Lucia Horan My specialities include:
~Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness
~Wild Dolphins
~Heartbeat map
Silvija Tomcik My specalities include:
~Bringing 5R to empty places, beginning from zero
~Organizing/producing and working with organizers/producers
~Closed weekly groups and ongoing groups
~Waves and Heartbeat map
~Co-operation with other 5R teachers
Erik Iversen For the last two years I’ve been in the Leadership and Transformation Training of the Hendricks Institute. Through this I obtained a coaching cerificate as Big Leap coach. This a body-centered approach appealing to the Body Intelligence. I’d be willing to mentor mediate issues between teachers.
My first teaching experience in 1986 before any training I was in a closed unit jail offering 5Rhythms to young male offenders ages 16-18. I’ve been in the school system teaching Yoga, body awareness and 5Rhythms to all age groups. Yes I have experience with weekly groups, teaching and producing weekend workshops. as a practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integeration my teaching focus has been integration of the bodymind, to breathing, to the center and to the feet. Also, I focus on alignement, balance and gravity.
I am able to coach/mentor about healing any modalitiies available, injury prevention, injury and pain management and well being.
Peter Fodera I’ve worked with elder/Alzheimer/dementia community, cancer patients, adults with Autism, Down syndrome & physical handicaps, children -- of all ages.
Tammy Burstein Mentoring for:
~Waves classes -- production, promotions, pricing, etc. All things to do with regular on-going classes, and committed groups.
~General teaching issues/questions: Waves/Heartbeat -- classes & workshops
~Communications issues -- Collegial & student; « territorial » issues. Working in cities with many 5R teachers.
~Specialized populations: Chronic illnesses, Cancer, Elders.
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