Notes on Practice: Love Letter to Flowing

At that moment, Tammy’s entire orientation changed. She got lower, literally, and some kind of fussiness, some kind of complexity in her gestures disappeared. It was a deeper bass, an ear to the ground to hear the rumble of approaching animals, a full acknowledgment of weight and its activation in momentum. The shift was both visible and palpable; and I felt blessed to be available to receive the lesson.

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires | January 2017 contributions:
THE RHYTHMS OF BIRTH by Brenda Cohen Sabban, Argentina | CHAOS & CONNECTION by Julie DoBias, Virginia, USA | HEART, LEADERSHIP and VISION: APPLYING 5Rhythms in BUSINESS by Cass Donnelly, Australia | A POSTCARD FROM THE ECHOES OF OUR DANCE TOGETHER by Stuart Phillips, United Kingdom

5Rhythms Tribe | REUNION

IN-HOME PRACTICE TRACK LIVE DRUMMING with Sanga of the Valley & Robert Ansell Medicine Dance, Garrison Institute, NY, 2016 “Reunion with Sanga was heaven and hell for me. Heaven – …

5Rhythms Tribe | Dance Poetry

A postcard from the echoes of our dance together… by Stuart Phillips London, United Kingdom · London, United Kingdom Attached I scream in fear of being abandoned, Trapped I yearn …

5Rhythms Tribe | Dance Art by Liz Collier

“Dance connects me to myself Lets me know what is going on. Dance and art make my inner worlds visible Make me vulnerable Give me strength in heart, body and …

5Rhythms Tribe | Heart, Leadership and Vision: Applying 5Rhythms in Business

by Cass Donnelly, Australia as told to Morgan Nichols Since I began dancing 16 years ago, I have had a vision to bring 5Rhythms into the hairdressing industry where I …

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