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July 19, 2017

#DanceAnywhere #DanceEverywhere

A glimpse into the 5Rhythms/5Ritmus Budapest tribe
Imádunk táncolni és játszani, hát táncoltunk és játszottunk! 🙂
We love to dance and play, so we we’re dancing and playing.

5Rhythms movement meditation | | 5Ritmus mozgásmeditáció from Péter Fejér on Vimeo.

*A video filmed by Arno Silvestre with dancers from the Paris 5Rhythms community, directed and edited by Emma Roberts and produced by Shaping the Invisible.

Zoltan, Budapest:
I just love to dance freely, expressing myself through my body. For me, the best place for this is a 5Rhythms class. I had a desire to show this to others too, and was inspired by the video of the 5Rhythms dance montage by Shaping the Invisible*. I simply love that video and I had the idea to create something similar, which shows how we see 5Rhythms in our Budapest Tribe. Of, course our work evolved from this vision. We wanted to show that in Hungary there is this beautiful space and frame called 5Rhythms, where you can express yourself freely through your body and your movement, where you can connect to those parts of you which are not visible or witnessed in daily life – and you can be a part of a beautiful community as well.

From dancers in the video:
“What is the dance for me? The Being. Movement, release, harmony. Quietude and distraction. Accurate steps or full freedom. Sometimes all together.

“I don’t even know how I survived the time I didn’t dance.”

Zsuzsanna Kiss, Certified 5R teacher, Budapest:
“I started to dance the 5Rhythms because I wanted to make real the dream of my inner child. From the first class, I knew that I had arrived home. At the end of the class, my hair was sweltering, my skin was sloppy, and the pain that I used to feel in my body had just disappeared. Since then, this has been my passion, my healing, and my prayer for myself – and since I became a teacher, a prayer for others as well. Dancing with my tribe is always a great gift, and this video can be a courier, which takes our practice far.”

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