5Rhythms Tribe | Global Shamanism Summit

  July 19 – 21, 2016     Dear Friends,   Join us this week as we tune into the Shamanism Global Summit, a free online event exploring the sacred relationship …

5Rhythms Tribe | Love Letters to the 5Rhythms

Love Letter Ramblings to 5Rhythms: (from Ghost Dance Manchester with Alex Mackay) Memories flickering in rare sun streams, saturated with our many dances and glances, touches and crushes, loving smiles; …

5Rhythms Tribe | 5 days drawing the 5Rhythms

Recently, one of my old stomping grounds, Orlando, Florida became the backdrop to the deadliest mass shooting in America. As shock, anger and grief spilled through many of our hearts, …

5Rhythms Tribe | PAZ MOV: Dancing on Colombian “first day without war”

PAZ MOV: Dancing on Colombian “first day without war” By: Carolina Rudas I began to dance because my body was broken, shattered and sick from war. For more than ten …

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