Notes on Practice: Falling Rocks & Strong Currents

Yesterday we woke to blue skies for the first time since we have been in Ireland. After dropping my son, Simon, off at camp, I set out to explore the local beach again, hoping to find a place to dance. Given the fair weather, there were several people enjoying the beach and I didn’t feel comfortable dancing there. Because it is exceedingly dangerous, I’ve sworn off the unprotected cliff path that departs from the east end of the beach, despite its compelling beauty. I spotted a different cliff path at the west end of the beach and decided

5Rhythms Harem Pants by glorka wear

Dear Friends: We are so excited to present — “Deep Stretch” 5Rhythm Harem Pants Handmade by glorka wear in NYC, the flowing design of these unisex harem style drop-crotch pants …

Notes on Practice: Things to Climb & Games of Invention

I was overly optimistic in putting on a bathing suit. During a brief glimpse of blue, we rushed to get to the sea, hoping for at least a few moments of beach fun. As it was, the blue was enclosed again by white sky long before we made it to the beach, but we decided to explore anyway. We found a place to park near Bonmahon Beach in Co. Waterford, Ireland and set up the sandy path to the sea. I shivered with

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires

July 2016     Musings + Art + Happenings from our Tribal Individuals The 5Rhythms practice | A lens for life      With each step I follow my destiny through …

Notes on Practice: Ruined Castles, Faery Doors & Patchworked Fields

While everyone in New York is suffering through a heat wave, I have been wearing sweaters and still shivering. This is my seventh day in chilly Ireland, traveling with my six-year-old son, Simon. First, we explored the astonishingly beautiful western region of Connemara. In Connemara, there is water everywhere. Lush vegetation goes all the way to the edges of every puddle, lake and river, giving the impression that everything is extremely full. Rock juts up through the green in impressive, unpeopled, ancient mountains. Rolling fields patchworked in different greens and hemmed by squared stone walls stretch all the way to the ocean’s edge. Textured layerings of

5Rhythms with Jonathan Horan | August West Coast USA

“Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict.” -Rabindranath Tagore       Dear Friends and Dancing Maniacs,   Halfway through my summer in Europe, I am in …

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