5RTA | November Teacher Spotlight


Jup Jansonius



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 1995


The first time I entered a 5Rhythms class (22 years ago) it felt like coming home to a life I intuitively knew existed but was unreachable till that time.

For the first time my movement, my energy, my waves through life had a physical vocabulary, an expression. A dance in which I could lose myself, express my sorrow, tap into my joy and connect with my true potential. My heart opened and that first wave blew my mind away. Replacing it with a curiosity that never left me again.

I screamed, I cried, I laughed, I loved and I danced till I dropped and always came out lighter, stilled and in total awe by the endless possibilities that 5Rhythms offered.

This simple map of just 5 rhythms offers all there is to know and to feel. Nothing more and nothing less. The dance is pure poetry. No matter if you are stiff, sad, flexible or full of passion. The dance floor is a patient lover waiting for you just to put whatever moves you into motion so it can transform and shift. Shape after shape. Step by step.

My dancing journey took me all around the globe. Meeting fabulous people, soul searchers, urban shamans, funky freaks and wounded hearts.

Meeting Gabrielle was amazing. She was (and is) so inspiring. It took me a while before I had the guts to approach her, but when I finally did we had some great moments together. Sometimes in the midst of a furious dance I still hear her whispering the words she said to me. Always taking me to the edge to see the bigger picture and the great view from above.

Through the years I more and more got interested in the relationship between dance and daily life. How do we take it out on the streets? How do we use the lessons learned in a class in our work and our relationships? How can we use dance and movement as a gateway into our true potential? These questions led me to join the Teacher Training in 2013. I wanted to deepen my knowledge and learn how to translate 5Rhythms to others.

Today I combine my knowledge as a (project) manager and coach with 5Rhythms, offering personal leadership programs through dance and movement and three 5Rhythms classes a week.

Together with Mirjam van Hasselt I offer a series called “Unfolding your potential” 3 weekends to enhance your confidence, enlarge your focus and creativity and still feel relaxed and joyfull.

Be ready to jump!


Unfolding your potential - 5Rhythms DanceLab - Journey in 3 weekends

with Mirjam Van Hasselt & Jup Jansonius


11 November 2017 - 10 March 2018

Belcampo Loft, Amsterdam




Katya Verbrugghe



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2007


I discovered the 5Rhythms 10 years ago when my life finally fell into place after a long and exhausting quest. I had been struggling for a long time with anorexia. The disease not only affected my body but it also deeply hurt my soul and my spirit. I longed to vanish from this world for so many years. I was stuck in a vicious circle and didn’t know how to escape from it.

Until the day I was introduced to the 5Rhythms. The dance became my deep organic medicine and it still is until today. My whole life now is based upon the 5Rhythms. It gave me back my life force, my dignity and my passion.It helped me to transform myself into a strong woman with a devotion to care deeply for my body and soul. Daily practice helps me to stay in touch with myself and to retain my awareness and insight.

After intensively practicing the 5Rhythms for 7 years, I was given the opportunity to follow the teacher training. Over the past 3 years, I have grown as a 5Rhythms teacher and I have developed my own style based upon thorough grounding and being in the hips and feet, our body’s foundation. This way, your heart can fall in love with your belly, over and over again. I will support you with loving attention so you are able to be fully present at your own space and to come home to yourself. This way, you will create more space for your soul. Your heart and your soul long for this inner contact and want to be carried by you. You may learn to discover your dignity. You may dance wave after wave, to taste everything in acceptance to grow in grace for your divine.

Life gives us what we need to support us in our growth. It mirrors our inner light and our shadow to help us find our balance. Light and shadow co-exist. We all long to be free. We can all learn to love, to connect in love and respect each other’s holy place. I am honored to be a teacher so I can share my passion with my students and at the same time learn so much from them.

Sexual grounding

One of the workshops I organize is "Sexual Grounding", a 5-day workshop to get closer to your life force and your passionate self. It will help you to regain your inner sexual sources. To meet yourself in your shadow and in your light in different fields. You will be able to transform yourself step by step and to discover your independence of love and happiness.



with Katya Verbrugghe
31 October 2017 - 04 November 2017
Antwerpen - Mortsel, Antwerp




Upcoming workshops in November


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