5RTA| October 2016 Teacher Spotlight


Eva Sieber



5Rhythms Teacher since 2004

Tribe Member since 2000


I was born at Lake Constance. The lake with its quiet rhythms as well as the magical and mystical nature of the surrounding mountains had a deep influence on me. Even as a small girl I loved dancing movements, I would turn and turn until dizziness made me lay down in the grass and enjoy being carried by mother earth below looking up into the blue father sky.

In these precious moments I felt incredible joy and bliss a state of inner peace and oneness that could not be disturbed, a similar state of mind I would find again aged 17, when a friend took me to a Zen meditation session.

After school I left the lake and all these gifts behind, went to Heidelberg University to study languages, living mostly from the head only and became a teacher of German and French. With the years I could more and more feel the suffering caused by the separation of my thoughts from my feelings.

The longing for freedom in the dance never left me and then made me follow a winding path until finally in 2000 while in a retreat center in the Netherlands I stumbled into an open 5Rhythms wave class.

This evening suddenly everything fell into place, every cell in my body knew this was coming home for me, a place where finally meditation and dance became a unity. There was no more I, no Eva dancing, there was only the dance, pure pulsing energy and a complete drowning and surrendering to that, bliss. I must say that this experience carried me through many hard times and still does. And then after the first personal contact with Gabrielle it became crystal clear that I wanted to follow this path.

All went well, I trained with Gabrielle in 2004/5, slowly started my teachings practice when in summer 2007 suddenly a little hard thing in my breast changed everything. I had to face cancer and submitted to all these therapies: operation, chemo and radiation… in other words a ride through hell!

Yes a hell of tears and pain, fear and loneliness, stopping my career, ending a love relationship, threatening my life.

It is only 9 years after the diagnosis that I am more and more able to see and embody the gift it brought to me. I had to face this crisis of cancer followed by years of paralyzing panic attacks and depression to be humbled and to become a wounded healer.

My pride made place for a sense of dignity and compassion with all forms of human suffering. I learnt to understand what it means “to transform our suffering into art and then turn the art into consciousness” as Gabrielle suggested.

The light at the end of the tunnel is for me the understanding that I do have a free choice how to dance with every single experience life brings to me. With a body too weak to move even a finger during chemotherapy I could still imagine my inner body with every cell dancing through the rhythms and inviting the possibility of healing.

This can only happen with LOVE and then it is up to GRACE. I am in deep gratitude that LOVE and GRACE helped me dance my way back into life. And the first step is Selflove and compassion with our own wounds.

And now it is very clear what I am burning for: to share this wounded Healer’s heart with others, this is the calling and this is what all my work and workshops are about.



with Eva Sieber


07 October 2016 - 09 October 2016

Seminarhaus Gut Merteshof,




Julie Plotkin



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2001


I first found 5Rhythms on a small island off the Coast of BC, Canada, and I immediately felt like I was “home”. I was searching for a movement practice, but all the other modalities I tried had not felt right. But my first 5Rhythms experience had me feeling so free, expansive and joyful, that I knew I had found a practice that could hold and support me in deep and nurturing ways.

For several years, 5Rhythms remained a weekly class for me: fun, social, physical and cathartic. It wasn’t until I experienced my first weekend workshop in 2008 – a Heartbeat – that I knew I had found not just a movement practice, but a spiritual path that I was committed to following as far and deeply as I could.

My path to becoming a teacher began in 2011 when my family and I moved to a small, semi-rural community on BC’s Coast, where there was no one teaching 5Rhythms. I could not imagine my life without it! Starting from a place where no one had ever heard of the Rhythms was challenging, but slowly word got out, and my classes started to grow. It is my deepest joy and honor to now have a thriving weekly class, and I have expanded my teaching to other regional towns as well.

I work part-time as an Elementary School teacher, and in addition to my 5Rhythms training, I am also trained in Esalen® Massage and Jin Shin Do® Acupressure. These are some of the tools that I bring with me to my 5Rhythms teaching and my hope is to offer movement classes that are deeply cathartic, transformative and healing. With this goal in mind, I am thrilled to be offering a 3-day workshop this month called Connections in Kelowna, BC. How do we connect, disconnect and re-connect with ourselves, and others? In this workshop, we will be exploring these questions as we move with all 3 levels of relationship: ourselves, each other, and the bigger tribe. I hope you can join us!



with Julie Plotkin
21 October 2016 - 23 October 2016
Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna




Upcoming workshops in October


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