5RTA | July 2016 Teacher Spotlight


Mackenzie Amara



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2009


I came to the dance more wounded than healed, more adolescent than adult, and more ego-driven than soulful. Immediately, I felt all of my tempestuous nineteen-ness being wrapped in such sweet, wild, kindred wisdom. It was as if god were playing my bones like a piano. It's been eight years and that feeling shows no signs of abating; in actuality, it's only been deepening. At some point early on in those years, I had one of those unprecedentedly connected dances - the kind where you stop dancing your dance and simply are dance, where your cells become porous, your breath is the wind as it whips around you and your body is the earth welcoming your moving feet. This happened (for me, that time) on a very special dance floor in the middle of the Nevada desert during Burning Man.

Each year at the Burn, Rhythmwave, a theme-camp dedicated to offering daily 5Rhythms®, builds a massive bamboo dance floor in the dust, erects a shade structure high above it, rigs up four epically heart-thudding speakers, and invites the citizens of black rock city to dance their deepest, wildest, silliest, purest dance for that week, and forevermore. In an intentionally chaotic environment, we offer sanctuary; in a city full of distraction, we offer presence; for souls seeking to shine, we offer a stage; for brittle bodies, we offer the salve of self. And if you simply just love to groove, we give you lots opportunities to do so. I'm not lying, although I’m 100% biased when I say, we have the best dance floor on the playa.

In a few weeks, we're having a 5Rhythms® Dance-A-Thon in NYC to support Rhythmwave. We'll have five hours of 5Rhythms practice taught by various NYC teachers - you can come for an easy hour, all five, or any amount in between. In the spirit of Burning Man, this is a radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, and radical participation event. Dancers are encouraged to done their most spirited selves, their most raw selves, their most polished selves, and their most messy selves. For this one afternoon, our authenticity is dedicated to bringing more to people who may otherwise never encounter this practice.




31 December 1969





Amber Ryan

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2008

Tribe Member since 2000


Our world today is polarized. It is full of pain and suffering, and it is also filled with immense love and compassion. The same is true for most of us in our own psyche. We shift from the bliss that comes through peak and breakthrough moments to feelings of self doubt and negativity. We swing from ease and happiness in our connection with others to feelings of self hatred and seclusion when our wounds are activated.

Recently, one of my old stomping grounds, Orlando, Florida became the backdrop to the deadliest mass shooting in America. As shock, anger and grief spilled through many of our hearts, the country also became outspokenly divided once again with the subject of gun control and immigration laws. We can easily see how far away we are from harmony, even within the spectrum of the human race who feels devastated and powerless over these acts of terror.

How do we find harmony individually and collectively? How do we align within ourselves so that what we think, say and do serves not only our own expression but also the greater good of humanity?

The obvious is to quiet down and practice, then take that practice to the street.

Amidst the chaos on the planet, we practice being truly awake rather than glazing through our days. We exercise courage to speak up and out about what we see and what we believe in, and we turn our attention away from surface conversations that distract and tune into connections that are meaningful.

In order to truly hear and see we must quiet our minds and empty out the garbage that belittles ourselves and others. Our unhealthy thought patterns become part of the pollution on the planet.

On July 16th, we will come together for our second 5Rhythms gathering in Orlando; a city that has shown that the path of love and unity is our path toward a world that we would be proud to call home.

Join us for Movement As Meditation…



Movement as Meditation
with Amber Ryan
16 July 2016 - 16 July 2016
RhythmX , Orlando




Upcoming workshops in July


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