More Thoughts on Flowing Class last week was patient. I entered a few minutes after the start, and met friends’ eyes, smiling, as I looked for a good spot to …

Dancing Dialogue: Gestalt Therapy and 5Rhythms by Helena Kallner

Below is a beautiful piece written by 5Rhythms student & Gestalt Psychotherapist Helena Kallner. It was printed in the British Gestalt Journal. Gabrielle Roth, founder of the 5Rhythms dance and …

January 2014 5RTA Teacher Spotlight

Meaghan Williams

I'm a Lyrical baby, I'm at home in the air. In my homeland, my native mode of transportation is transformation through Art. In my shadow the default mode is to drift off center. The great gift of the 5Rhythms in my life has been the discipline f...

Silvija Tomcik

My home rhythm is Staccato in a serious flirtation with Chaos, that finds its roots in Flowing. You can see, it is not a pure Staccato. I love going into a messy pile of papers on my office table and sorting them out, by alphabet, by date, by theme. I lov...

Silvija Tomcik, Croatia – My home rhythm is Staccato in a serious flirtation with Chaos, that finds its roots in Flowing. Meghan Williams, NYC – I’m a Lyrical baby, I’m …

Thoughts on Flowing   The week before last in Tammy’s Waves class, I felt more relaxed and connected than in the previous class when I wrote about an un-fun night.  …

Last night dance was not fun. Everyone else seemed to be having fun, but I could barely move. I notice that once I start not having fun, I wish that …

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