Notes on Practice: “Ouch!”

I went home and climbed up to the roof. I had a full view of the burning towers from there, and stood watching as the first tower turned to toxic dust and crumpled, buckling sideways, then down. Nuns from a church on the next block stood on their own roof, also watching the building fall, their royal blue, full nun’s habits flapping in the wind, emphasizing their frozen gestures.

Raven Recording | New Music: Haj i Ji – Reports Of My Demise… EP

Dear Friends: Reports Of My Demise encompasses 5 songs about ghosts, love and the ocean, set against an ellipse of changing musical texture. Haj i Ji (formerly of Sub Swara, …

5Rhythms with Jonathan Horan | Europe this Fall

“Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.” — D.T. Suzuki Dear Dancing Maniacs, I’ve spent the last days …

5Rhythms | SpaceHolder and Teacher Training Update

For those on the dancing path towards 5Rhythms training, here is a quick update on our 2017 Sweat SpaceHolder & Teacher Training program schedule below! Love, Morgan & Arthur 2017 …

5RTA | September 2016 Teacher Spotlight!

Rivka Worth

I first met the 5Rhythms® when I was twenty, studying a dance degree, struggling with the uniformity. I didn’t have the right body or do the steps right. For someone dancing all day everyday I couldn’t have been more out of my body. I danced my first...

Arjan Bouw

I worked as an actor till the dance took over. The wild creativity of theater is still very rooted in my dance. It is an art to translate inner movement into outer movement. Being fascinated by all the different inner waves I love the practice of the 5Rhy...

Part of my regular home practice is to dance without music to the soundscape and company of nature. Dancing in nature nurtures my relationship to where I live, my environment, …

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