Notes on Practice: Love is Love

Brooklyn, NYC  In the last post, I wrote about the intensive Mirrors workshop, Jane Selzer’s 5Rhythms class at my local YMCA, and a subtle prejudice that had crept into my …

Notes on Practice: More Than This

The Mirrors level workshop More Than This, which was lead by Alain Allard April 15-19 in New York City, was exquisite. Remarkably, the feeling of it—of boundless, loving connection—lingered for …

June 2015 Teacher Spotlight

In Memory of Visudha de los Santos

My journey with the 5Rhythms began a magical night in 1996 when my boyfriend at the time invited me to this "dance thing, that you will love" in Boston, Massachusetts. I experienced one of the most ecstatic moments in my life to that point - nev...

Thierry Francois

5Rhythms crossed my path in 2001. I was dancing at that time with my partner in some different practice, but was not really interested, too much something, not enough something else, then I gently gave up. Later, she told me about her 5Rhythms new experie...

5Rhythms Tribe: Confessions of a Free-Range Spiritualist – Dancing for my Life.

Confessions of a Free-Range Spiritualist:Dancing for my Life by ELAINE GALE Flatlines and Faith All alone I have cried Silent tears, full of pride In a world made of steel, …

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