Notes on Practice: Joyful Patterns

Rather than big, easy-to-follow, repeating gestures as sometimes arise in Lyrical, we skittered down chains of intricately arranged repeating patterns, which would then shift and re-configure, taking form then never landing for long enough to be defined or understood. Our dance featured some bursting and chasing gestures, too. I would rise up on my highest toes, reaching for his height, wanting to be expansive along with him, then squiggle myself down and away. He laughed at my antics, joining in, too. After this long, intricate, layered exchange, we finally ended up doing the initial assignment—a simple repetition—grinning wildly as we both realized it, rocking back and forth.

Raven Recording | New Album: Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors – Pray Body

  Dear Friends, As you probably know, the music we make is basically loosely-structured rhythm rides, deeply centered around percussion in all its forms. We don’t use percussion to drive …

5Rhythms with Jonathan Horan | New Mexico and New York

  Taller than the tallest tree is That’s how it’s got to feel Deeper than the deep blue sea is That’s how deep it goes if it’s real   ~Bob …

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires

October 2016     Musings + Art + Happenings from our Tribal Individuals The 5Rhythms practice | A lens for life      GABRIELLE, 5RHYTHMS & SHAMANISM  by Michael Stone British …

5Rhythms Tribe | Occupy

by Kate Shela “Just be here now, because we don’t know!” Occupy from Kate Shela on Vimeo.

5Rhythms Tribe | Using 5Rhythms to generate contemporary rites of passage

by Tess Howell, Brighton, U.K. For the last two years, I have worked with groups of young women in the UK to run a 5Rhythms-based contemporary “rites of passage” to …

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