5RTA: January 2016 Teacher Spotlight

Irene Hernandez Sanchez

I am a full on dedicated 5Rhythms student. Since I started to dance I felt at home. A place where, at last, I could let my creative always active mind rest in the present moment, my heart be felt and moved and my limitless soul expand widely, deeply in an...

Jason Goodman

My 5Rhythms® journey began on a Saturday afternoon in the spring of 1994, when a chance meeting led to a dance in a carpeted hotel ballroom, and to me falling feetlong in love with the 5Rhythms. <br><br> In the first year of my practic...

In the first year of my practice, I gradually became aware that I had no Staccato, none. I only knew how to flow around obstacles, not meet them clearly and …

5Rhythms Heartbeat Wave

A 5Rhythms Heartbeat Wave By Silvija Tomcik Silvija Tomcik Heartbeat Wave from Silvija Tomčik on Vimeo.

The surprise of 5Rhythms

by Anja Mutic First printed June 29, 2009 EVER THE NOMAD My name is Anja. I’m a New York-based travel writer who also takes an occasional good photo. Whether I’m …

Rhythms Home

first printed in WNC Woman magazine WNC Woman December 27, 2015 | By Barbara Marlowe | I would love to meet a woman who has never had ambivalence about her …

The Rhythms of Losing your Shopping Trolley

Demonstrating using the 5Rhythms map to process losing my shopping trolley on the tube. Natasha Frost, London, United Kingdom

5RTA: December Teacher Spotlight – Meet our Teachers-in-Training

It is with great honor we release these beautiful teachings out into the world to begin their 5Rhythms Waves Teacher Training Practice Classes. Our Teachers-in-Training are halfway through their training …

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