5RTA | June 2017 Teacher Spotlight

Lucia Horan

To love and be loved, that is the goal. This is my path, and the one I bring to all of my students as I present the question, “What is your capacity to love and be loved”? <br><br> In my lifetime of dancing with Gabrielle she lead me in...

Karen Ritscher

I took my first workshop with Gabrielle in 1998, and I wanted to run away as quickly as I could! I spent the entire weekend in my head, evaluating and judging, in ecstatic terror, while at the same time deeply longing for the freedom and joy that I could ...

Three years ago I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma) with amyloidosis. At that time I was told that it was unusual that I was still alive, since I had been having undiagnosed symptoms for three years, and I really should have died. My healing has been a very interesting process,

5RTA | May 2017 Teacher Spotlight

Sayrah Garrison

My very first experience of the 5Rhythms was in 2001 with Jonathan Horan at the Children’s Aid Society just before 9/11. Based in NYC, I was a flight attendant doing mostly international travel to German speaking countries. Ja, ich spreche Deutsch! I o...

Kierra Foster-Ba

I discovered the 5Rhythms® in Crunch Gym. My first teacher, Jane Seltzer was offering a class there and it was the beginning of a whole new way of living for me. In the span of an hour class the 5Rhythms® cracked me open; gave me a powerful vehicle self...

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