5Rhythms LITE Mobile App Now Available!

We are excited to share there is now a 5Rhythms “Lite” free version of our mobile app available — offering the same basic web search for classes, workshops and teachers on your phone

Raven Recording | New Music Video: American Dream

The album PRAY BODY, featuring the song American Dream, was recorded back in 1981‐82. At that  me, we had an 11‐piece band and theater company called The Mirrors. The theater …

5RTA | March Teacher Spotlight

Margaux Skalecki

In 1987 I returned to the USA after living, teaching and performing in Italy, and soon after at a Christmas party, I saw someone who I had hardly known but who I had had a wicked crush on as a young teen. <br><br> A week later, my teenag...

Evangelos Diavolitsis

The 5Rhythms have positively shaped my life in immeasurable ways. Through this practice, I have learned how to turn greed into generosity, hatred into love, confusion into clarity and boredom into opportunity. <br><br> When I started th...

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