5RTA | December Teacher Spotlight

Pauline van Hezik

Dancing is definitely my life saver. <br><br> As a kid I used to dance in the living room, after evening meals, mirroring myself in the reflection of the window when the lights were on. I started collecting some music, in awe of what I coul...

Rian van Duijnhoven

The first memory from me dancing was at the age of 4. The teacher let us dance around two carpets, placed like a lemniscaat. I danced and danced, going round and round. She smiled at me so bright and she invited me to dance with her. My first ecstatic! &...

5Rhythms Tribe | I’m a glorious fuckup

‘I’m a glorious fuckup A spaced out fool I am a judgemental bitch A dickhead, and a tool…’ After diving into the turbulent currents of my inner world at the …

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