5RTA | March Teacher Spotlight

Lucija Glagolic Hora

When I started doing this practice about 20 years ago, we would often talk about letting go of the mind, of thinking, so that we can dance and truly be. As if the mind were a villan keeping us from being real, and all that was valid was the physical, the ...

Sara Mains

I was 29 years old in an African dance class when I felt joy and grief, my past, my future, my present all at once moving in my body. The power of that night in Port Townsend Washington lead me to San Francisco, within a year I was in my first 5Rhythms cl...

Original Skin is where we are most alive with the powerful innocence of instinct and the vulnerable action of putting our hearts out in the world. . This is the dance into the deep well of being human, the practice of trusting the feet and finding the dance that only you can do because that is the dance that is so needed, this is my next offering and my invitation.

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