5RTA | Meet Our Trainees

The Dancing Path

A call to surrender to the mystery. A path that does not exist yet and it is yours and yours alone to dance.

Your path is forged where you practice, where your feet kiss the earth time and time again.

The earth gives way to your dance, a trail to your deepest wounds, your deepest truths, your deepest creations….

5Rhythms Tribe | Community That Inspires | October 2017


5Rhythms Tribe | Remembering the Perfect Circle

by Karen Ritscher The first time I walked in to lead the Dancing with Dementia group, I was vetted by one of its “founding elders.” “Are you one of us …

5RTA | November Teacher Spotlight

Jup Jansonius

The first time I entered a 5Rhythms class (22 years ago) it felt like coming home to a life I intuitively knew existed but was unreachable till that time. <br><br> For the first time my movement, my energy, my waves through life had a physic...

Katya Verbrugghe

I discovered the 5Rhythms 10 years ago when my life finally fell into place after a long and exhausting quest. I had been struggling for a long time with anorexia. The disease not only affected my body but it also deeply hurt my soul and my spirit. I long...

Notes on Practice: Journey into Trance

“What’s real, what’s true, what’s deep, what serves the big dance of love,” Jonathan chanted, ever suspicious of sanctimonious bullshit, calling out our egos stories, our feeble escapes, our neurotic self-making again and again.

5RTA | September 2017 Teacher Spotlight

Silvija Tomcik

My home rhythm is Staccato in a serious flirtation with Chaos, that finds its roots in Flowing. You can see, it is not a pure Staccato. I love going into a messy pile of papers on my office table and sorting them out, by alphabet, by date, by theme. I lov...

Joanne Winstanley

I love the hum of a room full of movers, dropping into a deep vibration and riding it all the way home. <br><br> I love when our bodies find patterns of motion belonging to no-one, moving through everyone, just borrowing our hands and our ...

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