5Rhythms Tribe | August Teacher Spotlight

Susanna Dobos

I grew up in a big family. We used to gather and celebrate that we were alive. Being with my tribe was my anchor, my safe haven and I felt that I belonged. I had a place. And of course, there was everything in the field - laughter, tears, fights, reconcil...

Sonja Hellmann

Thank you so much dear sister Susanna to call me into this space - fascinated I'm looking forward to my first co-creation in this field. Thank you! I'm fresh in the teachers-tribe/circle. Trained 2017/2018 in Garrison ("Hogwarts“), Zagr...

5Rhythms Tribe | July Teacher Spotlight

Katya Verbrugghe

I have been devoted to this practice since I came across it 12 years ago. In my first class, I immediately recognized my roots. I had a flashback of myself dancing as an Indian woman around a campfire, honoring the spirits, dancing my prayers. I felt deep...

Gramya Michal Molho

About 10 years ago a friend invited me to attend a 5Rhythms workshop. I was curious …and went. After some time into the first session, I thought I’m hearing an argument. One female voice was demanding to slow down, the other was very clear t...

5Rhythms Tribe | June Teacher Spotlight

Angela Griffiths

29 years ago I arrived on a 5Rhythms dance floor with a background in a handful of ballet, my arms & legs full of sports & my whole body full of African & Contemporary dance. I was familiar with improvising movement but not in connection with my emotions....

Jason Rowe

All life is sacred. I remember as a child sitting by the edge of a school playing field feeling so in love with everything. That moment gave my life great meaning. I was brought up in a middle class non religious London family at a time when the UK ...

5Rhythms Tribe | May Teacher Spotlight

Jup Jansonius

My name is Jup Jansonius and I dance and teach in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m a Waves and Heartbeat teacher and I'm deeply in love with the practice. Ever since I set foot on a 5Rhythms floor I got hooked. It is through the map of the Waves tha...

Catherine Llewellyn

My background is eclectic. My parents were con-conformists from opposite ends of the social scale. I was immersed in a bohemian lifestyle and a philosophy of self-determination. They showed me that change is an adventure. They carried their courage and in...

5Rhythms Tribe | April 2019

“To the beat of the drum we travel on

Courageous we sail into the storm

Singing our song and feeling strong

On a voyage to where we all belong”

~Morcheeba – Beat of the Drum

I have always felt hopelessly attracted by the rhythm. I bought myself a pair of drumsticks when I was 6 – it was my first owned part from an entire drum set.

Then I got distracted following 1000 other threads: studies, ballet classes and a huge list of projects and ’to do things‘.

Raven Recording | Talking Sticks guided by Jonathan Horan

Talking Sticks is a 10-minute moving meditation through the body parts, guided by Jonathan Horan, to the percussion of Talking Sticks from the album Tribe. You can stream it free …

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