5Rhythms in The Workplace: Exploring Movement as a Corporate Training Approach

September 23, 2015

by Anne Marie Hogya
5Rhythms in The Workplace: Exploring Movement as a Corporate Training Approach”.
BSc (Occupational Therapy), MA (Leadership). Occupational Therapist and 5Rhythms Teacher. Victoria, Canada.

“My observation has been that people (in public and private sectors, small and large organizations: corporate, federal, non profit, independently owned companies and business…all the places where people work, interact with others, and spend the majority of their day) are in deep need of inspiration. They desperately want to be inspired. They want meaning, connection, and purpose -at work and when they are being educated and trained. And, my belief is this is generally NOT happening with conventional training methods; the conventional intellectual training techniques only go so far. My experience is that to increase the speed and the impact of transformational learning we need to pull the knowledge into the body and lock it in at a cellular level while at the same time taking in information at a visual and auditory level. My belief is that the 5Rhythms is a tool for this type of transformational learning in the workplace.”

5Rhythms Full Thesis (Revised August 2015)

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