5Rhythms Tribe: A call to move for peace

July 28, 2014

Join us as we bow in gratitude to the leadership of these beautiful teachings and stand in unified support of this call to move in prayers of peace for all.

Adi Argov, Israel
At the first module of the Teacher Training last September in New York, Anat, Lina & I shared many dreams, based on the desire to break this victim victimizer vicious circle that has caught our nations for so many years. We felt, as mothers, that we are the same — if you know someone personally it is harder to hate.

As part of those dreams, a few weeks ago I went to Jordan to support Lina in creating a new tribe there, evolved with a lyrical hope of building the bridge.

The reality of war hit me, and a wave of despair took control, hope was a luxury — sometimes you need other people to hold hope for you until you can own it back.

So in that dark moment I reached out for my amazing teacher training circle, asking them to dedicate a few minutes of their dance to pray for peace, holding the hope for us, In the meantime I served a Let Go of Tension, Lets Find Hope dance here in Tel Aviv.

I was amazed by the reaction – Natalie Poole from
Australia asked me which song I would pick for her and I picked Peace Train by Yusuf Islam.

Then the ripple began – my fellow teachers in training served this track in their own practice classes, inviting the dancers or only themselves to pray. I heard it has spread to other practices.

So in this body, in this place, right now – we need others to dance our hope, we dance our pain, fear, anger. I am sure we will dance our hope as well, but we need the power of the tribe to hold it for us.

Yusuf Islam – Peace Train

Lina Nahhas, Dubai
Like Adi, I am amidst many waves of despair, as I watch the news and the devastating pictures of the bloodshed and mass deaths happening in Gaza.

It is hard to stay a positive voice amidst so many negative voices, on both sides in social media. Many of my friends feel I am betraying my people if I speak a language of compassion for both “sides”. My only salvation has been, increasingly, to reach out to our like-minded community of both dancers and compassionate humans who see this violence as nothing less than insanity.

I just danced my entire Cycles workshop this past weeked as a prayer for this and with the intention of cleansing this ancestry of animosity and blood. They were my absolute most difficult dances, as I offered my blood, my sweat, my tears and my screams to the dance, releasing all images of war and violent death, and pictures of entire families massacred at once, and the stories and historical narratives of both sides.

“They must have NO PLACE in my field,” as Jonathan masterfully guided us with his words.

With every dance, my arrival point in Stillness was images of a prayer circle with my Israeli friends, protecting our children; and even once with an image of every bomb and rocket all exploding into stardust over Gaza and Tel Aviv, leaving the children all in in enchantment, and the men behind these killing machines with softened smiling hearts!

It is also amazing what the universe provides in term of healing support in our dance for hope, because there was a lovely jewish Australian dancer in Cycles, that I connected with, and her presence on the dance floor brought me back again and again to compassion amidst my waves of pain and release of violent images.

She took pictures of us together, and has started a Twitter chain for pictures of Palestinians and Jews standing in solidarity against this. It’s easy to fall into the thought of “How can I be dancing, whilst there are others dying in a brutal war”. But when the dance transforms into healing compassion and unity, in its usual path, it confirms to me again and again that this IS a deep prayer, perhaps the most powerful of all. In fact, after Cycles, I feel that this work is pure activism.

I will be playing Adi’s Hope Wave when I get back to my practise classes in Dubai. I have also asked that we all repeat, whenever we can, the Ho’oponopono prayer, for we are all ONE in this and in taking responsibility for this violence in this specific instance, is a true healing for all of us. “I take responsibility for this. Please forgive me. I am sorry. There is only love. Thank you.” And daily, I pray for a safety shield around Adi and Anat’s families and all Israeli families, in the same way I pray for it for all in Gaza. My biggest prayer is to re-instate humanity in the hearts of each person behind a a killing machine, and to have the courage to even love them, as much as I love the people I care for in the world.


Anat Tamir, Israel
I was teaching this morning in my studio. Some beautiful and brave women from the south of Israel came to dance. They are constantly running to the shelters in these past 2 weeks.

We were dancing some songs of hope and prayers and suddenly there was a siren and we ran to the shelter together, hearing the missiles and the loud BOOMS in the skys above us.

After a few minutes we got back to dance again. We danced our fears. The chaos. The tears. And our prayers to our selves and to the people around us. We made a few unity circles and prayed together.

In these crazy days I find the dancing and the teaching so essential and healing.

Shacking the trembling heart, finding our feet, our center breathing.

The Stillness becomes so clear to me now. What it really means that

We are all the same
We are all one
We are all humans
We all want to live, to breath to love
To play, to be happy
To touch to be touched.

We need each other more than ever!

In this time I become much more aware of my body, my breath, the fear in my belly.
I appreciate my life more and realize what it means that the way for peace starts with making peace with myself and the people around me.

Is there a better way than dancing together?

Thank you all my friends all over the world! This big hug warms my heart!

Let’s spread the love and the compassion around us and pray for all the children and the mothers who live in fear these days.

Please make a unity circle where evere you are with this healing song:

100,000 Angels – Bliss

With much LOVE,

Close it

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