5Rhythms Tribe | Spring Awakening

April 16, 2019

by Heeraa Sazevich, Utah

As new sprouts make their way towards the spring sun, their journey reflects the creative process that is the 5Rhythms. Tuning into the season, we energize our own flowering and growth. Joyous spring to you!

FLOW: A seed that has been dormant through the winter begins to feel into the dark, receptive mother earth, sending down roots to anchor and nourish itself. It undulates and luxuriates in its unfolding. The earth cradles and yields in support of this awakening life force. “Who am I? What is this energy pulsing through me? I am hungry to feel into this inquiry. I love to move!”

STACCATO: As the sun’s heat energizes the seedling, it gathers strength to push up and out of the earth, breaking free from confinement. Leaves shoot out to maximize growth. It zooms like an arrow towards the light. The plant says “Hello sunshine, hello world! I am showing up! I’m feeling alive!”

CHAOS: The growth pace quickens, encouraged by spring showers that shake loose a wild abundance of blooms. Flowers birth into fruits. It’s a riot of color and sensation, psychedelic! The little seed is now the pinnacle of potential manifested. “I’m juicy! I am more than enough! I am too much, isn’t it wonderful?! Yahoo!”

LYRICAL: After bearing its seeds for the next incarnation, the plant rests in its maturity, enjoying the effortlessness of being. Its push is done. Seeds for next year gently ripen and easily drop without a care where they will land … the ease of letting go. Leaves shed, twirling in the wind, celebrating a life fully given. “Ah! How light and free I feel! My labor is over. What a joy to release my essence into the winds! Dear seeds carry my dreams to parts unknown.”

STILLNESS: As the sun’s energy diminishes and winter sets in, the plant moves slowly into meditation, gathering its forces inward, resting in its potency. Its fallen leaves intimately blanket the new seeds and whisper lullabies about the promise of spring. “Thank you. I am fulfilled. I love you.”

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