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April 6, 2017

Michaela Klimanová- Trizuljaková, a Slovakia-born textile and paper artist, has put together this collection of embroidered paper pictures using her experience with textile materials and knitting. It is the result of endless and patient work with different kind of soft papers. Coloring them and processing them using her own technology, she creates a special material on which to write her prayers and personal testimony. All the text is written by hand.

stillness 3

I was born in Slovakia to deeply religious Catholic parents in times of strict communism. Despite persecution that affected my whole family, I never gave up my art. My work was always a reaction to my life, to my feelings. For a long time, my practice has been to use meditation and prayer to help me let go of things. Slowly, this appeared in my work as well, and dancing the 5Rhythms has begun to give me new dimensions for this exploration. I feel that since starting the dancing path I am now much more connected with my self, my soul, my body, and my own healing powers. As the 5Rhythms slowly enter my life, I am able to apply them in real life situations. This exhibition, “Stillness”, is something like my prayer diary over the last 4 years.

The biggest thing I have realized recently is that even though I was trying a variety of methods to gain peace and release, I was still like a heavy freight train, carrying too many wagons. I was like a beast of burden with the weight of the world on my shoulders. The results were visible in my body: problems with my backbone meant that I could not walk, and I was partially deaf.

Dancing healed my backbone and my ears; dancing freed me. I feel as if someone took me high up and put me back on a different track. I am on a fast, sunny train now. I am doing the same things, helping people the best I can – but with totally different feelings and a completely different feeling of duty. I am now able to let go of the feeling of duty if it is not right for me to do something.

I dance to have joy, to be free, to be me.

stillness 1

stillness 2

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