July 2013 5RTA Spotlight: Peter Fejer, Hungary

July 9, 2013

Peter Fejer,
5Rhythms Teacher since 2011 Tribe Member since 2008,

I discovered 5Rhythms through a friend, who persuaded me to go to a weekend workshop, because she thought that I would like it, and it turned out that she was right. From the beginning I was thinking about becoming a teacher – that I would like to bring this practice to more people. I feel at home both in staccato and lyrical. On the other hand the most memorable experiences are connected to flowing and chaos. When dancing with the flowing rhythm I experience something which I never knew before. The feeling of listening to the needs of my body, the feeling of being supported, of being taken care of, these are all feelings which were new territories for me. And in chaos I experience the pure deep joy of being alive, by letting go of all expectations, letting go of self-made constraints and simply enjoying the pure force travelling through me and creating my movements.

One Tribe with Peter Fejer
July 11-14, 2013
Zebegény, Hungary

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