November 2013 5RTA Teacher Spotlight: Madhuma Thompson

November 5, 2013

November 2013 5Rhythms Teachers Association Teacher Spotlight
Madhuma Thompson

5Rhythms Teacher since 2008
Tribe Member since 2001

My home Rhythm is Stillness. I first experienced 5Rhythms in a Sausalito ‘Sweat’ 12 years ago. Having lived many years in the Osho Commune it looked to me like a colourful madhouse of sweating bodies that felt immediately like home.

The best way for me to get to the heart of my dance is to keep softening and including whatever is arising in my experience, and breathe with it. To say ‘yes’ and include everything; my doubts, the stiffness in my low back, the determination in my jaw, the tiny rushes of self love… and finally, moving in a groove of fluid acceptance. All of it.

I’ve been teaching the 5Rhythms for 5 years now and wow.. that went by fast! At the time I signed on I had no idea how much the practice of teaching would work on me.

Into the Heart of Your Dance

We’re moving into summer now and I’m looking forward to being able to take some classes out onto the beach again with the ‘5Rhythms Meets Silent Disco’ sessions. People really love dancing in the open air, by the edge of the water, moving into Stillness as the evening descends and the stars appear! The headphones lend an intimate feel to the journey.

Into the Heart of Your Dance

with Madhuma Thompson
November 23-24, 2013
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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