September 2013 Teacher Spotlight

September 11, 2013

Upcoming 5RTA Workshops:

Katarzyna Pugowska, United Kingdom
5Rhythms Teacher since 2011, Tribe Member since 1997

I discovered the 5Rhythms over 15 years ago. Kate Shela came for the first ever time to Poland and did the first ever 5Rhythms workshop in Lodz, Poland where I come from. A close friend of mine made me a gift and bought me an entry saying I must go. He was right 😉 It was it.

My home rhythm is Lyrical — The rhythm of authenticity.

I just love when it happens, the easy effortless, unpredictable, trance like patterns. Deep and wide (or broad), The land of imagination and possibility. I love to feel the bouncy effortless support of mother earth as she would be saying ‘go go baby’, and the generous invitation from the space, and playing with both.. Especially when life is a pain, that rhythm is my home, a teacher of relaxing in what is and not in what I wish it to be and not taking myself too seriously.

Over and over again, we pull back, we hold on, we crumple, we resist and… we let go…

For me the dance is a never ending story. When ever I just think I have got it, something shifts and my movement expands and I am left in astonishment.

Like yesterday I remember that dance, during one of many workshops I did at that time,after 7 Years of practice, I rediscovered my own hands. It was so so obvious, but at that moment I was deeply fascinated by my own hands like I had not been seen them before. I reclaimed my own hands then.

Our bodies love to move and must move. Movement is the way we define life – when our heart beat, our lungs pulse, brain waves, we are alive. In absence of movement we become inanimate. Movement is an energy. Energy is often overbound or underbound in the body, as a result of consistently using either contraction or collapse as defense strategy. Some parts of our flesh may carry more aliveness then others.

with Katarzyna Pugowska
September 21, 2013
London, UK

Peter Fodera, United States
5Rhythms Teacher since 2004, Tribe Member since 2000

When I first discovered the 5Rhythms, surrendering to my home rhythm of flowing was a real revelation for me. Once I found the connection to my feet, it felt like everything else fell right into place.

My first introduction to the 5R’s was at one of Jonathan’s classes in down-town NYC, at the Childrens’ Aid Society. Gabrielle was there that night and at the end of the class when she bent down to ask “who are you and how long have you been dancing the 5Rhythms?”

I had no idea who she was, nor how much of an impact the practice would have on my life.

The Heartbeat map is one of my favorite explorations. Emotional intelligence requires clarity. Holding on to emotions is not just exhausting, it clouds and obscures our empathetic sensors.

Gabrielle always said “the body doesn’t lie.’” Connecting with our natural, intuitive, embodied wisdom helps us to come from a grounded and centered place, and find a more courageous way to love.

Courageous Heart
with Peter Fodera
September 27-29, 2013
New York City, NY


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