5RTA | February 2016 Teacher Spotlight

February 3, 2016


February 2016 Teacher Spotlight

Thierry Francois


Teaching since 2010

Dancing since 1999



I like the idea that my energy goes where I put my attention, and I especially like the idea that it is endless, that it is constantly upgrading, there is always something to learn, again and again, something to know, to move and to be moved.


When I met Gabrielle, she moved all my preconceived ideas, she did it with humor, with grace, with tact, with challenge and also in simplicity. This has shaken my world and created new spaces in my life. 


Not always easy, but always searching, and questioning. I like to be a learner, a pupil, a student, an observer that can describe the curves, describe without explaining, describing the lines,  experiencing the  surrender and let go, just let it go.


There is often a risk in this exposure, in this quest for authenticity, but the risk is worth taking it. 





Teaching since 2001

Dancing since 1995



I had a hard period some years ago when I felt like I have lost my dance.


I would show up on the dance floor and it would be so hard to begin, to get up from the floor, to leave the old stories in my head. Usually I would feel better on the dance floor then in my everday life, and at that time, it was the other way around.


I will never forget «Journey into Trance» with Jonathan in Paris, where somehow things have changed. I danced and I danced, and I was flying and I was dancing on the battle fields full of dead bodies, and I was a Jean d’Arc and I was Isabelle Duncan, and I found my dance again in the ashes of my resurrection, different then before.


That is what I love about 5Rhythms, I don’t see the end of it, and it truly isn’t a straight line.









Teaching since 2010

Dancing since 1998



The first encounters I’ve had with the 5Rhythms in the late 90’s have not been the classical girl-falls-in-love-with-the-5R story. It was more like – this feels so bad I have to try it again and see why. The rhythms immediately brought up some of the stories that my body could hardly hold, and  moving most of them seemed impossible. At the same time, it felt like I finally found the place where I belonged and I was planning to stay!


«Teaching» is not the right word to describe my intention in this work. I want to remind people of the Rhythms that have never left their amazing bodies. Wake them up. Galvanize them.  Make them lust after their deepest essence. Crave authenticity.

I truly believe there is nothing to be taught there, we’re in it together.




19-21, 2016
Zagreb, Croatia

Lucija Ana Glagolić Hora


Teaching since 2007

Dancing since 1998



This practice opened a magical rabbit hole into a whole new world of conscious dancing. The dance was no more just the hard core physical training in the dance studios that resulted in a beautifully presented choreography on some stage, or the wild abandon it used to be on the club dance floors, but so much more than that. It became my tool for healing, and learning, and growth, and I finally found a way of prayer I could fully embrace.


I’m reminded over and over again that the real teachers are the Rhythms, the movement, the Spirit, and my passion in teaching is to be a guide and show the door, offer the maps and maybe give a few explanations of the topology, and then support people to take their own journey, their own discovery and expansion into their full potential. 








Teacher since 2004

Dancing since 2000



It’s been quite a ride, this teaching. Truly a wounded healer, I’m still being wounded occasionally as I go, and healing as I go, every class, every dance step, teaching what I need to learn the most. Dancing between the student role, the teacher role and my own human condition with as much grace, stamina and integrity as I can, between self-doubts and insights, hiding and showing up for myself and others, between a public image of me and just silly old me, expecting and emptying out, being direct and elusive, guarded and free, passionate and disillusioned, compassionate and juicy, being a yes and a no, and all things in between; sometimes a teacher, sometimes a teaching, step back, two forward, chest sunk, heart expanded, feet first, hip-rockin’, ego-trippin’, moved to tears, remembering this dance, this dance that is holding it all and just moving it through. 



5Rhythms Global | PO Box 1960 | New York, NY 10013 | 212.760.1381


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