5RTA: January 2016 Teacher Spotlight


Irene Hernandez Sanchez



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2009


I am a full on dedicated 5Rhythms student. Since I started to dance I felt at home. A place where, at last, I could let my creative always active mind rest in the present moment, my heart be felt and moved and my limitless soul expand widely, deeply in and far out; in the vast and wise container of the physical body.

I Graduated in Sociology and hold a Master's degree in Human Resources Management (University of Murcia), Systemic and Family Psychotherapist (REDES Instituto Sistémico de Murcia) and accredited for Support and Intervention work in grief and loss processes (MAR process and REDES).

Dancing is my passion and my professional longing helping other people to come back to listening to their genuine movement and to live in their bodies in a more free, comfortable and organic way.

I´ve danced since I was a little child and was raised by my mum and step-dad, two great parents and passionate psycotherapists. In my life and throughout my whole carreer, the group process and psyco-social dynamics always called me strongly. I have worked in the world of companies and corporations and finally focused on closer work with people. The merge of movement-dance and psycotherapy feels like fertil soil where I am now planting seeds and exploring with curiosity.

My students say I am a fresh, expressive and creative teacher which hold the space with a welcoming, rooted and clear energy, allowing processes to begin, occur and end. I look at myself and others with curiosity and empathy, and have a holistic approach, from the physical, through the heart and mind, to the spiritual.

After one full on year teaching three times a week in Murcia (my hometown) and starting to travel to other cities, I am thrilled to offer my first weekend workshop. There, we will let go of 2015 and put our intentions on 2016, making space for the place in between what not longer is and what is yet to come. Letting our feet, breath and dance come back to the present moment again and again.

When we honor the path that has brought us here, we can say goodbye with gratitude and stay in the space between what was and what will be. From this unknown place, we will open our body, heart, mind and soul to new places, landscapes and dreams for our New Year. A weekend in which we will follow the map of the 5Rhythms to close last year and open ourselves for the new to come, focusing on what is essential for us and how it can start to unfold.



with Irene Hernandez Sanchez


15 January 2016 - 17 January 2016





Jason Goodman

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 1994


My 5Rhythms® journey began on a Saturday afternoon in the spring of 1994, when a chance meeting led to a dance in a carpeted hotel ballroom, and to me falling feetlong in love with the 5Rhythms.

In the first year of my practice, I gradually became aware that I had no Staccato, none. I only knew how to flow around obstacles, not meet them clearly and directly! Finding my Staccato was the key to unleashing my creative potential -- two years after I started dancing, I was working with Madonna, and have gone on to write and direct dozens of documentaries. Many have asked me for the secret to my success -- I can honestly tell you -- it’s the Rhythms. The wave taught me how to tell a story, with or without words.

I always kept dancing, but my practice deepened after Gabrielle got sick, and I began filming many of her workshops. During that time, I began to grasp how much I loved this work, and that I might have something to offer as a teacher after all. I completed my training in October 2014, and started The 7th Wave, my weekly Saturday Night Waves class at the Joffrey Ballet School in Manhattan. It’s a privilege to be teaching in a room where Gabrielle’s feet graced the floor so often, I hope you can join us some Saturday night.

An equally rewarding part of my teaching practice has been working with elders. I co-teach a weekly class in Manhattan (with Karen Ritscher) for people affected by Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other classes for seniors around the tri-state. Gabrielle created the 5Rhythms in part by working with seniors, so she always knew it was medicine they needed, but now we know why it works – the Albert Einstein School of Medicine has proven that improvisational dance -- i.e. The 5Rhythms -– is by far the single most effective ways to stave off dementia issues. But there’s the science and there’s the magic. I’ll end with something that happened in Connecticut right before Thanksgiving. I had a group of around 35, including Louise, who was in a wheelchair and clearly had suffered a stroke – she couldn’t speak and was contorted in a position that left her with her arms wrapped tightly around her torso. Towards the end of the session we were doing a unity circle -- where one person makes a gesture and everyone follows -- and when we got to Louise’s turn, since she couldn’t really offer anything, I suggested that we all do what Louise was doing – give ourselves a great big hug. Afterwards I went over to thank her for being there, and out came this rusty croak of a voice – “I love you.” I told her I loved her too, and then noticed the room had kind of stopped cold. Her nurse then filled me in – those were the first words anyone had heard her say in more than three years!



31 December 1969




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