July 5RTA Spotlight: Our Hearts Beat as One

July 1, 2015


In the empty space between the beats of our hearts rests the essence of our deepest emotional being. A heart that surrenders to its feet fills a body that moves in its essential rhythmic beat.  ~Jonathan Horan

Dear Dancing Feet,

Our Heartbeat Training started over 15 months ago, with a call to how current we were in the various maps of the practice — asking whether we were willing to move fluidly through our own hearts to hold the wounded hearts on our dance floors, guiding bodies into emotional authenticity.

This training was always going to be intimate, inaugural, and powerful. The first tribe of Heartbeat teachers with Jonathan’s heart and Gabrielle’s soul leading the way into creating history together. And so it has proved.

Turning the Heartbeat lens on ourselves, into the core of the essential map laid out by Gabrielle, and onwards forward with Jonathan’s evolution into the clear essential being of these emotions that bring us back to instinct — the essence that our animal and organic selves have always known. Totally transformative and humbling.

In the end, it is about love with a continued trust of what we deeply already know. No matter how many times we enter into Fear, Anger & Sadness, we can keep clearing and moving the map of our foundational wave, layered with this mandala atop, and letting go until there is Joy and Compassion. And they do arrive.

Our circle was complete with the presence of existing Heartbeat teachers — Adam, Alain, Alex, Amelie, Andreas, Dagmar, Emma, Jewel, Silvija, Sylvie, Tammy— weaving many threads of teaching wisdom and their commitment to always being a practicing student and teacher, along with the complete care of Jonathan’s partner and ours on this journey, Morgan.

Gratitude to Jonathan for standing tall in your essential truth and dancing us with innovation and our ancestors.

~Jason Rowe & Margaux Skalecki



Jason Rowe - United Kingdom

Jason Rowe – United Kingdom

Margaux Skalecki - USA

Margaux Skalecki – USA

Marika Heinemann - Germany

Marika Heinemann – Germany

Kierra Foster-Ba - USA

Kierra Foster-Ba – USA

Anne Marie Hogya - Canada

Anne Marie Hogya – Canada

Lucija Glagolic-Hora - Croatia

Lucija Glagolic-Hora – Croatia

Joanna Hussakowska - Poland

Joanna Hussakowska – Poland

Hege Gabrielsen - Norway

Hege Gabrielsen – Norway

Joanne Winstanley - Canada

Joanne Winstanley – Canada

Jenny Knecht -  Sweden

Jenny Knecht – Sweden

Katarzyna Pugowska - United Kingdom

Katarzyna Pugowska – United Kingdom

Mark Lendfers - Netherlands

Mark Lendfers – Netherlands

Kellie Shannon-Elliot - USA

Kellie Shannon-Elliot – USA

Rene Schaap - Germany

Rene Schaap – Germany

Meredith Davies - Australia

Meredith Davies – Australia

Mirjam Van Hasselt - Netherlands

Mirjam Van Hasselt – Netherlands

Annette Uhlemann - Denmark

Annette Uhlemann – Denmark

Francis Eliot - United Kingdom

Francis Eliot – United Kingdom

Maja Muehlbauer -  Germany

Maja Muehlbauer – Germany

Hannah Loewenthal -  South Africa

Hannah Loewenthal – South Africa

Jo Bainbridge Cobbett - USA

Jo Bainbridge Cobbett – USA

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