5RTA | April 2017 Teacher Spotlight


Dagmar Cee



5Rhythms Teacher since 2004

Tribe Member since 1999


18 years ago being a teacher, a teacher of anything whatsoever, would have been at the very bottom of my list of professions. For me to stand in front of people was far from what I imagined or desired – too much fear of people, a fear of being in an exposed vulnerable position - and my tendency to be a misanthrope – so, no way!

However, as life goes ... I stumbled into the 5Rhythms and I fell in love feet first. This happened at an intensive 10-day workshop with the Roma singer Ida Kelarova in Czech Republic who was inviting 5Rhythms teachers to co-teach with her. I would call her work “heartbeat with voice”. I will never forget the impact of my dances at the very beginning when my body parts started to talk to me: my feet stamped in deep anger about not getting heard, my hips were crying out loudly and my hands were telling me stories of delight.

Back in Berlin for the next three years I danced in a peer group (as I had spent all my money and energy on doing some film projects) before I really dove into the practice full on. The moment that I had read Gabrielle’s books I wanted to meet her to see if she could be my teacher. She was! I found myself in the arms of this magical, visionary, humorous and loving woman in August 2003 in California - and in the 5Rhythms teacher training the following year.

Gabrielle’s biggest gift to me is -“trust” – to listen and hear the body’s and heart’s voices, the instincts and intuition and to trust them beyond what makes sense, is expected, what my conditioning tells me or what is “politically correct” - to trust my body, to trust what I feel and sense in the moment, to find my own truth and be my own authority. What a Big Thing!

Now after many years of dancing and 12 years of teaching I have an idea of how it feels to relax into myself and how to find my own heart connection. For example I can sense now and differentiate not only my personal past but also my family and ancestral history of being World War 2 refugees; this is rooted in my bones and influences my world as I have shaped their traumas and fears. And thanks to Gabrielle I have tools to move through these stories without getting stuck, frozen or going into denial; I can stay in motion as a ‘feeling being’.​

My deep gratitude for being able to dance my broken heart, my stories and my dramas and falling into ecstatic blissful moments of just being me and my dance has made me want to share and explore these wonderful 5Rhythms maps, especially the heartbeat one, with others. The moment your desire gets bigger than your fear, courage is getting born...

Well, here I am. I now love the challenge of being a teacher, there is no going back! I am thrilled each time I teach or - more precise – hold space and inspire others (and myself) to become the most beautiful version of what we can be. I would love for you to join me for herzwärts, a 5 day residential Heartbeat workshop at a magical location in the Black Forrest. This Workshop will be taught in German and English. Please be in touch if you have any questions.



with Dagmar Cee


13 April 2017 - 17 April 2017

Seminarhaus Hollerbühl, Dachsberg




Shanti bok rye Park



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 1989


Knowing nothing about 5Rhythms I registered to my first workshop upon receiving a phone call from a friend inviting me when Jonathan came to Montreal 10 years ago. More than one hundred people were dancing like crazy, all looked like hungry animals searching for God knows what. At the end of the workshop my biggest surprise was that I felt peaceful; it felt like I had found a home inside of me. I couldn't believe what had taken place! All of the hungry animals around me looked like they had found what they needed. It was a magic moment of silence and everyone including myself felt so alive.

This first workshop reminded me totally of the Buddha field that I had experienced when I was doing Osho dance meditation in India. I stopped practicing movement meditation when I immigrated to Quebec. That experience of stillness in the first workshop woke me up totally to what I was missing in my daily life.

Fortunately I followed my intuition and it brought me to Gabrielle a few months later. When I did the second workshop with her and Jonathan it became clear to me this practice would be the medicine to heal myself and I found my teachers who would guide me to find my free spirit. This first meeting with Gabrielle turned out to be a way to find a direction in my life, where I would love to walk on in this life.

It has been a long journey to finished my teacher training but I've had no regrets about it because each and every workshop was healing me. The Wave taught me to live in this intelligent body and taught my heart to love and to be loved.

This ongoing process has proved to be an amazing experience ever since I started teaching it myself. Both the authenticity and vulnerability of every student on the dance floor has brought me to a deeper level of 5Rhythms. Before I was looking more for my own 5Rhythms. Now these rhythms live in me, in my daily life. This is where I stand after 10 years of this practice and as I keep on dancing and teaching, I can feel the working process in my life.

I was very happy to see my dream come true last year when I offered a 5Rhythms workshop in South Korea. I opened a new door to create a new community which shows so much potential. As I was teaching my heart was crying as I became aware of the dark side of that culture create so much shadow dance, exactly like it had been the case for me when I began this practice, and sometimes still does.

I will be back to Korea to move with our shadow and I am deeply confident that the healing process of the Wave will guide us in our finding the power to turn it into light.



Light & Shadow
with Shanti bok rye Park
14 April 2017 - 16 April 2017
춤테라피 심리상담센터,




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