5RTA | March Teacher Spotlight


Margaux Skalecki

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2001

Tribe Member since 1996


In 1987 I returned to the USA after living, teaching and performing in Italy, and soon after at a Christmas party, I saw someone who I had hardly known but who I had had a wicked crush on as a young teen.

A week later, my teenage crush Michael walked into my work place and said, “Because you live in the world of performing arts, healing and dance, I thought you might enjoy this.” I looked at the gift. It was a cassette tape that read, “Bones” Gabrielle Roth. The synchronicity of that moment was my first glimpse into my future.

In the 1990s while teaching in Germany, another synchronistic moment occurred. The facilitator of the workshop that a friend took me to had worked very closely with Gabrielle Roth for years in NYC and NJ.

Circa 1995-96 I signed up for the weekend Body and Soul Expo in NYC and for Gabrielle’s all day Monday following the weekend.

During a class, spirit said, (or was it really Gabrielle? who said) ‘Get up and leave!” I began to drift through the hallways and soon heard the beating of drums and the faster beating of my heart, and there I was, in a room filled with wildness: drummers and dancers in the Rhythm of Chaos. As I thanked spirit, the living vibration in that room took me in its arms and danced me into my new tribe.

The next day in the all day workshop we danced and then gathered with Gabrielle. A man raised his hand and said, “I felt like I was going to vomit so I went into the men’s room. I felt like I had enough of this movement. I only came back into this room to get my stuff and leave.“

“As I was gathering my things, I heard you say, ‘If you are not on your edge, then where the fuck are you?’ “You were speaking to the room, yet those words were meant for me”.

Gabrielle‘s words still so touch me as I too mostly live on the edge. I am deeply grateful for her work and the guidance from spirit.

As an educator and artist, magic and respect within the unseen shamanic spaces of one’s edge is where I find answers and I offer this edge as a ground for us all to awaken.

As a certified 5 Rhythm’s WAVES teacher in 2001 with Gabrielle and a HEARTBEAT Teacher-in-Training with Jonathan in 2015, I am a grateful teacher and keeper of the 5Rhythms.


The Shakti Waves; Women Gathering

with Margaux Skalecki


19 March 2017 - 19 March 2017

Studio 550, Cambridge




Evangelos Diavolitsis



5Rhythms Teacher since 2007

Tribe Member since 1998


The 5Rhythms have positively shaped my life in immeasurable ways. Through this practice, I have learned how to turn greed into generosity, hatred into love, confusion into clarity and boredom into opportunity.

When I started the practice 20 years ago, it stripped down my belief system and I questioned everything. I was living like an ascetic monk and did not realize that living a sensual, creative, and abundant life were a healthy part of the spiritual path. I believed that denying pleasure meant that I would be rewarded by some invisible god. Thank the uncountable spirits that it did not turn out to be true. I discovered how to live a life worth living by embracing all parts of my self; warrior, embodied leader, lover, magician, entrepreneur. I wanted to inspire artists to be leaders and leaders to be artists. The 5Rhythms brought out the hidden artist and activist in me. I sweated out a visionary entrepreneur from the inner depths of body wisdom. The ascetic monk was really just a guy who wanted to create a diverse international community of healing and transformation and contribute his small bit to the whole.

A thought arose one day. What would it be like to explore money through movement? What if I combined all the principals of movement and looked at money through the lens of the body? Was it possible to unravel the most taboo subject of all time through body-based investigation? The answer was YES!!! And what a journey it has been. To free oneself from the suffocating feeling of this primal energy is liberating beyond words.

Thanks to this journey, I have moved from survive to thrive and love living in this spaceship called “body”. I know that spirit will take care of me and this body always and all ways. I rarely get overwhelmed by money fear. What does it take to live in abundance? Having the courage and faith knowing that it is in the universe’s best interest to keep us alive, happy and flourishing. We live in a kind, mysterious and infinitely generous universe. It is the “I” that forgets constantly. Do you wish to live in the here and now? Free from fear? Free from all the stories? Every last one! Which unconscious story are you ready to release into the dance?



with Evangelos Diavolitsis
31 March 2017 - 02 April 2017
Paul Taylor Dance Company and Joffrey Ballet, New York




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