5Rhythms Tribe | Stillness Art

Michaela Klimanová- Trizuljaková, a Slovakia-born textile and paper artist, has put together this collection of embroidered paper pictures using her experience with textile materials and knitting. It is the result …

5Rhythms Tribe | 11th Annual Dance Parade New York City

On Saturday May 20th we will return to the streets of New York City for the 11th annual Dance Parade! It is an honor to for us to participate in …

5Rhythms Tribe | RhythmWave Fundraiser for Burning Man

RhythmWave exists to offer, inspire, support, and create opportunities for Conscious Dance and dance education. What began as a humble theme camp in the dust and ash of Black Rock …

5RTA | April 2017 Teacher Spotlight

Dagmar Cee

18 years ago being a teacher, a teacher of anything whatsoever, would have been at the very bottom of my list of professions. For me to stand in front of people was far from what I imagined or desired – too much fear of people, a fear of being in an exp...

Shanti bok rye Park

Knowing nothing about 5Rhythms I registered to my first workshop upon receiving a phone call from a friend inviting me when Jonathan came to Montreal 10 years ago. More than one hundred people were dancing like crazy, all looked like hungry animals search...

I will never forget the impact of my dances at the very beginning when my body parts started to talk to me: my feet stamped in deep anger about not getting heard, my hips were crying out loudly and my hands were telling me stories of delight.

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