5RTA | July 2017 Teacher Spotlight


Adi Argov



5Rhythms Teacher since 2014

Tribe Member since 2007


Unknowingly, I danced the rhythms long before stepping into my first workshop... dancing my soul in my own room picking music that reflects current state of energy. It was a way to process, to sort things out, to be the real me, to maintain a vivid, wild part that was too much for the world outside. Then I "grew up" and stopped dancing, giving up to a restrained, over controlling version of myself. Deep down I was waiting for permission....

First time was also point of no return, a 5Rhythms workshop and a flowing sensual music (Yasmin Levy to whom it may concern) seduced me into what revealed as my home rhythm, into a body-fullness state of being, to let my body become a vessel to the spirit of life.

For the last 25 years I work with the wounded - the physical and the mental (as clinical psychologist who works with trauma), and learnt to trust grounding, centering, time and space as powerful tools to let the wounds heal themselves. Dancing the rhythms deepen that trust, the teachings of moving in fluidity, looking for the empty space, slow dancing in chaos helps me to cope with the daily reality of where I live - the middle eastern arena…

I LOVE teaching! Bringing passionate, committed, wild, imperfect me to invite and seduce (yes the mistress) people to get their feet all the way into body-fullness. My intention is set on the belief that the more free spirits we have in the middle east, the less conflict… I just give the space for the discipline.

Co-creating with two dear friends of mine - Cecile Klefstad (Belguim) and Natalie Poole (Australia) we gave birth to a new workshop - Edge Walking, to take its first steps on July 5-9 in Brussels



with Cecile Klefstad & Natalie Poole,Adi Argov


05 July 2017 - 09 July 2017

BAMP, Brussels




Amelie Schweiger



5Rhythms Teacher since 2004

Tribe Member since 1999


I discovered 5Rhythms after many years looking for my dance and experimenting several body practices. I was also writing poetry and dedicating to lyric song, but I was always remaining hungry because I had the feeling that I had not really found my art. When I danced my first Wave, I understood I was home. No doubts, no resistances, no thoughts. Only being there, completely one, connected to the deepest, the brightest and the most mysterious part of myself. A bit later, I discovered Heart Beat practice and it was just a revelation.

When I was practicing lyrical song, the moment when I had to sing in front of a public was always very difficult. Voice is a very sensible crossroads where emotions converge and I never knew what would happen when I would open my mouth! Fear was intense and even if I was able to produce a sound, my voice on stage was much less fluent and harmonious than in private.

When I was a child and an adolescent, sadness was my main emotion. Several people where depressive in my family, including mother and sister. I knew melancholy very well. I even liked it because my ego thought that this darkness made me interesting and beautiful. I was also afraid of sadness. I thought that if I would allow it to come it would invade every part of myself as if I was falling into a well. I also knew joy very well and I wondered how those two moods could coexist in me. Later I understood how these two emotions are complementary (see the movie Inside out!), just as the light needs the shadow to be visible or as music needs silence to exist.

On the dance floor, I felt how much dancing my emotions was liberator and healer. I learned how not to be afraid of my emotions, and even how to trust them. I learned to see the energy of life and the beautiful humanity they contain. I also learned to play with them instead of being their toy. I learned to give back this energy to life to recover power and creativity.

I had found my art: a living art, because art is us, dancers of life!



with Amelie Schweiger
17 July 2017 - 21 July 2017
Toulouse (Villefranche de Lauragais), Toulouse




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