5RTA: September 2015 Teacher Spotlight


Adam Barley

United Kingdom


5Rhythms Teacher since 1994

Tribe Member since 1988


I guess most of us have had those experiences on the dance floor; a wild rush of what can only be called healing. Something uncomfortable is thrashing about inside us, wanting to break through and we take the plunge without even really knowing what we're stepping into. A flood of feelings come, accompanied by the sense of something old falling away and something new emerging in it’s place.

I love that about our practice, the way it can slice through mind games and go straight to the heart of the matter. Mysterious soul-level surgery. Feels soooo good.

However, sometimes we’re carrying around wounding that we need to speak of as well as dance through. Just dancing more waves on it’s own isn’t enough. Experiencing violence as children - of any kind - is often like this, and Andreas Huckele and I have created Pick Up The Pieces for this reason: to create a space safe enough that we can step into these places and speak as well as dance, to be heard as well as seen.

Andreas has made this journey deeper and further than most. He has become a household name in Germany, as a whistleblower for sexual violence in the school he went to, risking his life in the process at the same time as undergoing a truly extraordinary healing journey (much of it through the 5Rhythms). It has made him a man of huge integrity, with a clarity and compassion that I have enormous respect for, and am honoured to work with.

There’s a video about our work here. This is the second time we’ve offered this workshop, and the only one available this year. It will run again near Geneva, 6-10th July 2017. Pick Up The Pieces - tribal healing for childhood violence: 23-27th September, Frankfurt, Germany.

"No wound is so small that it would be a waste to pay attention to it, and no wound is so big that a step of healing is impossible." Andreas Huckele

*This workshop counts as an Elective option for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training


Pick Up the Pieces

with Adam Barley


23 September 2015 - 27 September 2015

Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt




Sylvie Minot

United States


5Rhythms Teacher since 2001

Tribe Member since 1994


I discovered dance at the age of 29 and fell in love with it. After a few years of professional ballet and modern dance classes, I discovered the 5Rhythms® at a Shakti Gawain workshop. In the 5Rhythms, I was able to find my own dance, self-expression, and something inside of me cracked open.

At the time, I was completing my BA in Dance, and added a drive of over an hour (each way) every week to dance the 5Rhythms. I went through the teacher training to dive deeper into the practice, and I was interested in bringing dance to underserved populations. Kathy and Lori asked me to assist them at an AIDS conference. During the class, the women were dancing in their wheelchairs with their oxygen masks on. They commented that the conference focused primarily on their illness, yet this 5Rhythms class awakened their aliveness. It was exciting to see people with such major health challenges, so moved by the practice.

In 2004, I began teaching a weekly public class in Sausalito, CA, which is still thriving today. I hold the dance as a journey of self-discovery and a vehicle for healing. I feel honored to create space and bear witness to the transformation that happens on the dance floor. My classes and workshops play with archetypal themes and weave in the work of cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien. I created the Medicine Circle, which starts with a 5Rhythms wave and weaves ritual, movement, community, sound and prayer, to connect to spirit. It takes the circles that happen organically on the dance floor to another level, bringing a deeper intention to it.

When Gabrielle was diagnosed with cancer (and knowing how much outreach work meant to her), I kept hearing Tracy Chapman’s voice in my head singing “If not now, then when.” I could no longer wait to start the outreach work. In 2010, I began offering weekly classes at the San Francisco County Jail, then at the Veterans Affairs Hospital, working with vets suffering from addiction, PTSD, and dementia. I founded Syzygy Dance Project, a 501 C(3) nonprofit that provides dance and movement classes for underserved populations. Moving with people who do not know they can dance – seeing their eyes light up, smiles on their face, and witnessing them dance through the challenges they face -- touches my heart and deepens my work.

Gabrielle once mentioned that providing movement classes to veterans had special meaning for her. She said she would tell me the story one day but that day never came. Regardless, I’m glad I did not wait for “one day” to start the outreach classes. I feel privileged to bring this work into the world and reach so many diverse people. We’ve now worked with over 1,600 veterans, inmates, elderlies, addicts and youth, offering dance as a path for transformation.

Please join me for my upcoming fall workshop in Arizona – Dancing the Mystical Path.



31 December 1969




Upcoming workshops in August


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