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Dear Dancing Feet, 

Growing up with Gabrielle, making music stood equally in our circle alongside making movement. When no song was long enough to deeply journey into the meditation, Gabrielle and Robert gathered musicians to create soundscapes to go deep into the rhythms, birthing Raven Recording, a new genre of music, and 20+ albums.

In those times, the stream of music flowed through the vinyl record, the cassette and the live drummer -- we simply did not move in a world where the music medium wasn't physically in the room alongside us serving our 5Rhythms practice.

As the music life cycle followed the wave and matured over time, the ease of access to music naturally transitioned into its lyrical rhythm. No longer did we need to carry a suitcase of CD's as

we traversed the planet for every workshop and class. It was a true blessing to be traveling lighter and with more creative possibilities a few hand-keystrokes away.

And with this digital effortlessness came a greater responsibility to the artists whose beats we rely on. A crossroads laid before us on our journey - would the ease of digital music access and sharing disconnect the musicians from our working family or would we align into greater purpose of inclusion and respect?

As we move into even wider streams of access in these unknown times, we have invited the 5Rhythms teacher community to stand clearly in Gabrielle's tradition of seeing musicians, the backbone of our practice, as equals in our circle.

To stream with consciousness is to move into new partnerships with musicians with reverence and Staccato -- to recognize that artists deserve to get paid clearly for broadcasting their music on the internet as part of 5Rhythms classes.

Putting this stream of consciousness into action means 5Rhythms teachers and SpaceHolders are aligning with their country's music copyright requirements and licensing organizations to offer music alongside online classes (and geographically limiting their online classes) accordingly.

For those streaming across country borders, the offerings are in partnership with Raven Recording + other artist's directly giving worldwide streaming permissions or are offered using digital music publishing platforms that clearly payout musicians for streams.

Our 5Rhythms Global LiveStream project is focused on a long term vision to continue to offer 5Rhythms in-home practice after the pandemic fades. We have committed to paying musicians 25% of income for streams, an initiative that has been met with love and gratitude from artists. Our beloved long time drummer Sanga-Of-The-Valley is one of the musicians drumming us through our weekly worldwide Raven Thursday Waves:


Endless Waves III is also now available for streaming on the 5Rhythms Pro mobile app (iPhone + Android) - a compilation of 10 minute guided practice tracks to move through a quick wave anytime, anywhere.

Gabrielle always spoke about how we are entering the age of Chaos. The 5Rhythms world has been shaken into the unknown and we rest in the beat releasing & surrendering, knowing this wave too shall pass.

As we realign in the new digital world, it's truly amazing to see that 100+ weekly classes are now available online. We will continue moving together from afar and invite you to use this way of practice as an opportunity to dance deep within, getting to know yourself, your body, your wave more intimately and with focused attention.

As a route to the root, remembering that Gabrielle started this 5Rhythms journey dancing alone in her own room.

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Jonathan + Morgan



Online Wave

Bettina Leuckert     

From Germany

On Line / Wave Practice Class

Marcella Panseri (Teacher In Training)      

From Italy

April 27 & May 25

Online: Monday Open Wave

Christa Zaugg

Switzerland Only 

May 4 (Every First Monday)


Dance & Connect Online    

Amala Petra Storm   

From Germany

Online: Zoom 5Rhythms Movement Practice

Masayo Benoist     

From USA

Essence Silent Wave Online  

Emma Leech  

From UK

Online !! TUNE IN Tuesday Waves

Sonja Hellmann      

From Germany

May 5 (Every First Tuesday)



Online Thursday Waves    

Jason Rowe   

From UK

Online 5Rhythms Periodic Class (Finnish Only)

Karoliina Valontaival

From Finland 

April 30

Online After Work Waves   

Christine Maier     

From Germany

May 7


Online !!! Wellenrauschen   

Sonja Hellmann       

From Germany

April 24

5Rhythms Sweat Online

Emiliano Ena (Sweat SpaceHolder)

For Rome Only

May 1

5Rhythms In Bellingen Online

Naomi Lishman      

From Australia

May 1 & 15

5Rhythms Mona Vale - Online      

Sue Andersen

From Australia

May 1 & June 5

Friday Waves (Online)

Jason Rowe  

From UK

May 1 & June 5

Online Feminae: 5Rhythms Women Dance

Vehllia Tranne

From USA

May 8


On Line - Saturday Night Rhythms   

Olivia Palmer & Alessia Lencioni   

From Italy

Online 5Rhythms Class 

Ajay Rajani   

From USA

April 25

Saturday Wave Online      

Amala Petra Storm   

From Germany

April 25

On Line - Freedom

Olivia Palmer 

From Italy

April 25 & May 15


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